"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverb. 3: 5-6

Prayer Request.

I have always responded with "for discernment" when people ask me what to pray for. I once made the comment that if I did not get enough support I would not be able to leave the drive (and that was true) only to have people comment that they thought I had quit. Karen and I have left out home for several month of speaking engagments with only enough money to get on the road, once having to drive to a town to turn in a ribbon to get enough gas to get to the next town to turn in a paint can to get enough gas to get to our first meeting. Although money was on Karen's mind all I had in mind was to get this message out, at times having several meeings with people thanking me for encouraging them in the Lord with not financial support (we are not 501c3) only to have someone supply our financial needs to keep us going. That has never bother me. Our needs have always been supplied by the Lord.

But this is not about financial support. It is about this website. I have always been on a server that was business oriented. They have always been good. Now many companies that provide space for business are requiring them to go through their programers or programs. That is happening to me right now. They remove protection for your space forcing you to come under their control or leave. Since I only do documents and not fancy layouts on my website I am not at risk but support will no longer be available from now on. If I go down I am on my own. 

I need to find another server that will give me space at a reasonable price (I am now paying $50 a year for 10 gb of program space and 100 gb of bandwidth plus some other costs for other services—that may change or drop me altogether). If you know of any server I can go on that is allowing space without their control, which I believe will eventually come to an end (you have to pay the beast or get out) let me know. I use Cpanel and that is where the problem lies. They are no longer protecting me with what version I have, forcing me to upgrade to their control (large monthly payments). I am to old to learn any other program, I have turned many programs down that force you to play in their sandbox (with cat du-du in it)—although many are using them. I do not want to partner with or be under or with any other 'ministry' as that has been so unpradicitable over the years, their problems become mine.

I am to tired and no longer have the energy to do the research to find a new company (there is so much confusion out there). Please pray about this and respond as the Lord leads. Suggestions and opinions just wear me out. I need somebody who KNOWS to help me out. I thank Kerby in Tulsa for setting this one up for me. It served me for many years.

I have talked to a friend of mine in Tuscon, AZ, Mr. Goss who suggests since I do not require any more of those who access my website than the reading and printing off of my articles/issues, not linking to my email or asking for information from them or have any fancy graphics to move around I should be alright, since it seems graphics (modern complex ones which I do not have) are a main concern. I just won't have the support I have had in the past.

e-mail me at if you can help.

In Christ, our Savior and Lord.

Dean Gotcher

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