"Just The Facts Ma'am."

Dean Gotcher

Sargent Friday, on the show Dragnet would always tell the hysterical victim of a crime (in this case a woman) "Just the facts ma'am." "Old school" like "rule of law" was based upon getting all the facts before making a judgment. Today "political correctness," which is based upon the "feelings," i.e., the worth of the other person in the eyes of the one making the judgment, makes facts subject to opinions, i.e., to "self interest." It is how your child, your spouse, your friends, etc., and even you are being judged in the "group grade," facilitated, "be positive, not negative" "new" world order (where "feelings" and opinions, i.e., "self interest" comes first, selecting the facts and truth worth being used in making a judgment—dismissing, overlooking, re-defining, or rejecting any that get in the way). When someone tells you to be "positive and not negative" they are being judgmental, making facts and truth subject to their "feelings" of the 'moment,' making you subject to their "self interest." You discuss facts and truth, i.e., right and wrong. You dialogue "feelings," i.e., opinions, i.e., "self interest." Merging the two, i.e., knowing and opinion only engenders confusion, ruling on the side of "feelings," i.e., opinion, i.e., "self interest." "Jurisprudence of terror takes two forms; loosely defined rules which produces unpredictable law, and spontaneous changes in rules to best suit the state." (R. W. Makepeace and Croom Helm, Marxist Ideology and Soviet Criminal Law)

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