"For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world." 1 John 2:16
    "And he said unto them, Ye are they which justify yourselves before men; but God knoweth your hearts: for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God." Luke 16:15
    "Every one that is proud in heart is an abomination to the LORD: though hand join in hand, he shall not be unpunished. By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil." Proverbs 16:5-6
    "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverb. 3: 5-6

Current Issues
(personal note)
(Red lettered issues are detailed, involved, and/or extensive, i.e., essential to understanding the cost of dialectic 'reasoning,' i.e., of "self" 'justification.')

The Deceptive Power of Dialogue.
(key to understanding the "new" world order, i.e., 'change.')

The Dialectic (dialogue) Process.
(breaking it down for you)

Introduction To The Issues.

Opening to Issues.

Dean Gotcher

If you preach, teach, and/or attempt to discuss the truth with people intoxicated with, addicted to, and possessed by dialectic (dialogue) 'reasoning,' i.e., 'reasoning' from their "feelings," i.e., from their carnal desires or "self interest" of the 'moment,' i.e., using the dialoguing of opinions to a consensus process in order (as in "new" world order) to 'justifying' their "self" before men, i.e., affirming their carnal nature, you will be called irrational, unreasonable, paranoid, phobic, a lower-order thinker, maladjusted, negative, divisive, hateful, prejudiced, intolerant, psychological, neurotic, "in denial," "mentally ill," "not a 'team player,'" a Fascist, "a resister of 'change,'" anti-social, racist, etc., and be considered a threat or a potential threat to society, i.e., to liberalism-socialism-globalism, i.e., "worldly peace and socialist harmony." Any warning you give them will be ignored, censored, or attacked, making you and it (the truth) irrelevant or "the problem," i.e., the source of tension and controversy.

You must suspend commands, rules, facts, and the truth, as upon a cross, in order to initiate and sustain dialogue, i.e., in order not to "hurt" someone's "feelings." Dialogue is informal, i.e., subjective, making commands, rules, facts, and truth, i.e., right and wrong subject to your and others "feelings," i.e., your and their carnal desires or "self interest" of the 'moment,' i.e., your and their "sense experience" (that which is "of the world" only)—"lusting" after dopamine emancipation which the world (or situation) is stimulating (and anyone manipulating it, i.e., the world or situation, i.e., who is seducing, deceiving, and manipulating you and them—making you and them easily 'changeable'). Discussion on the other hand, which is formal, i.e., objective, requires you and others to suspend your and their "feelings," i.e., your and their carnal desires or "self interest' of the 'moment,' as upon a cross, in order to hear the truth, making you and them subject to doing right and not wrong according to established commands, rules, facts, and truth, inhibiting or blocking change

Attempting to reason with those intoxicated with, addicted to, and possessed by dialectic (dialogue) 'reasoning' is like trying to tell a drug addict not to take drugs (while they are "needing a fix"). They will, as a spoiled, "self" willed, hateful child of disobedience turn and "rend" you. This is why 'liberal's,' claiming to be working for "the people" (while actually working for themselves, demanding everyone affirm them, i.e., affirm their abomination) demonstrate such vehement hate toward those who "get in their way"—annihilating (negating) them if and when they can. Denying, humbling, dying to, controlling, disciplining your "self" is antithetical to esteeming your "self," i.e., 'justifying' your "self," i.e., 'justifying' your "lust of the flesh," your "lust of the eyes," and your "pride of life." One is of and for the "old" world order, i.e., the father's/Father's authority. The other of and for the "new," i.e., the carnal nature of the child. It is in dialogue the "New" World Order resides.

"Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein. Also I set watchmen over you, saying, Hearken to the sound of the trumpet. But they said, We will not hearken." Jeremiah 6:16, 17

"Rejoice, O young man, in thy youth; and let thy heart cheer thee in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thine heart, and in the sight of thine eyes: but know thou, that for all these things God will bring thee into judgment." Ecclesiastes 11:9

"The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes. For he flattereth himself in his own eyes, until his iniquity be found to be hateful. The words of his mouth are iniquity and deceit: he hath left off to be wise, and to do good. He deviseth mischief upon his bed; he setteth himself in a way that is not good; he abhorreth not evil." Psalms 36:1-4

"And for this cause [because men, as "children of disobedience," 'justify' themselves, i.e., 'justify' their love of "self" and the world, i.e., 'justify' their love of the carnal pleasures of the 'moment' which the world stimulates over and therefore against the Father's authority] God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie [that pleasure is the standard for "good" instead of doing the Father's will]: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth [in the Father and in His Son, Jesus Christ], but had pleasure in unrighteousness [in their "self" and the pleasures of the 'moment' which the world stimulates]." 2 Thessalonians 2:11, 12

© Institution for Authority Research, Dean Gotcher 2018, 2019

Teacher Training.

Violence In The Classroom.

Putting "Ought" Into Praxis.
("theory and practice")



We  Are Given These Bodies To Determine Where We Will Spend Eternity.

"What Can I Get Out Of This For Me?"

"What Is Going To Happen To Me?"

It Is Not A Christian School If ....

No Fear Of God Before Their Eyes.

"Critical Race Theory."

"Appropriate Information."

"Inappropriate Information."

Stimulus-Response: Turning Your Child Into Pavlov's Dog.

Limits And Measures.

Your Reference Point Is Your Point Of View.


The Solution To Marxism.

The Solution To The Lifeboat Dilemma.

Why Marxists, i.e., The Mentally Ill Think Boys Can Become Girls And Girls Can Become Boys.


How You Can Tell You (Or Your Children) Are In Marxist Classroom.

Marxism. (revisited again)

To "Change" The World.

Hoof And Mouth Disease.

The Communist Chinese Government Just Killed My Friend.

How You Can Tell If You Are A "Racist" Or Fascist.

Education (revisited)

The Importance Of Weeds.

The Socialist's False Concept Of Government Is The Child's False Concept Of The Father.

The All Seeing Eye - Pyramid.

"What Can I Get Out Of This For Me?"

The Moment You Entered Into Dialogue ...

Three Children.

The 'Moment' Someone Asks (Tells) You To "Be Positive And Not Negative" ...

Replacing The Individual And The Father With "The Group" And The Facilitator Of 'Change.'

The Choice Is Yours.

The Formula Applies To Everyone.


Advice Vs. Being Told.

Creating The World In Your Image.

Pride Of Life.

The Three Step Program Of The "New" World Order.

"Building Relationship On Self Interest" ...

Why You Are Always "Wrong" When You Accuse A Liberal Of Being Wrong.

The Meaning Of "Racism" In The New World Order.

The "Stimulus Package."

So The Facilitator Of 'Change' Can ...

How To Turn A Conservative Into A Liberal.

It Is A War Of Religions.

Why The Police?

Replacing History With Social-ist Studies.

"Beguiled." (revisited)

The Basis For Communism

Looking Back.

How To Get Rid Of A Guilty Conscience ...

Everyone Is Entitled To Their Position.

How You Can Tell.

Why Socialists And Despots Can Not ...

The Spiritual Ramification Of Dialogue.

Marxism And Psychology Are In The Scriptures.

Just Say No.

Everyone Is Entitled To Their Opinion.

The Tyranny Of Dialogue.

"Healthy Environment" = "Healthy Person."

All Lives Matter.

Liberals Are Looters.

Creating Anarchists In The Classroom.

It Is All About.

Double Standard: How It Works.


"Messianic Christianity."

The Love Of The Father vs. The Love Of The Child.

Relationship vs. Fellowship.

Objective Based Education.

The Communism In You.

Justify And Complain.

In Dialogue You Are God.

The Four R's.



Socialism, Communism, Fascism, and Globalism Are All Variations Of The Same Thing.

What You And Your Children Have In Common With Communism.

Your "Self" As God.

The More You Are Into Your "Self,"
the less you can hear the truth.

If I Gain Access To Your "Self-Interest" I Own You.

If You Do Not Care What Happens To You There And Then.

Communism: How It Works And Why.

The Wrong Side Of The Tracks.

Indifferent To What Happens To You.

The Role Of Contemporary Education: Opening "Pandora's box."

"Can" makes "Is" subject to "Ought," negating "Is" :
"Consensus" makes "Discussion" subject to "Dialogue," negating "Discussion."

Brainwashing: How It Is Done And Why.

What You Lose In Dialogue.

The "Black Hole" Of The "New" World Order.

How Your Children (And You) Are Easily Seduced, Deceived, And Manipulated.

Why People Can Not Hear The Truth.

The Filter.

The Corona Virus, Communist China, And 2020.

How Marxism Took Over Education, The Workplace, Government, And The "Church."

Democracy, Socialism, And Revolution: the negation of the traditional American family.

You Have Lost Your Faith When ...

Making "Feelings" Subject To Commands, Rules, Facts, And Truth Or Commands, Rules, Facts, And Truth Subject To "Feelings."

Why "Racism."

"You Can't Tell Me What I Can Not Do Or Say."

What The Liberal Media And Communist China Have In Common.

The Praxis Of Psychology.

The Paranoia Of Socialists.

The Difference Between Discussion And Dialogue In The Garden In Eden.

When You Treat An Opinion As A Fact.

"Self Interest" Is "Self Preservation:"
(the "tyranny of the masses").

Socialism-Psychology aka "Group Psychotherapy" Is Rebellion, Anarchy, And Revolution Against The Father's Authority System.

Turning "common sense" into "good sense."

In Dialogue There Is No accountability For Being Or Doing Wrong.

How Secularism Creeps Into Christian Education.


Why Marxism, Socialism, Communism Moves So Quickly Through And Is So Easily Embraced By The Youth.

The Marxist Waltz.

When You Add Your Thoughts And Feelings To The Word Of God:
making it subject to your opinion, ...

How Socialists View And Use Taxes.

Humble, Deny, Die To, Suffer, Endure.


Making Secularism And Immorality (Marxism) The Law Of The Land.

Common-ism (revisited).

Wrong vs. Badly.

Is It Worth Saving?

'Change.' Why You Can Not See It Until After It Has Taken Control Of/Over/Against You.

Double Standard (revisited).


Who Told You?

The Child's "Why?" In Response To The Father's Command.

The Negation Of Negation.

Obedience, By Faith.

Walmart Mentality.


"Because" - Belonging.


The Dialectic Of Enlightenment.

Christianity And Politics.

Freedom Of Speech.

How You Are Being Graded.

Socialist Christianity:
the contemporary (apostate) "church."

Socialists Are "Paradigmists."

"The People."

Knowing By Being Told vs. Knowing By Experiencing It For Our "self."

Why A Facilitator Of 'Change?'

What "Seems To Be."

The Cost Of Being WOKE.

Purpose Driven And The Heart.

Dialogue: It Is Lethal To Your Authority As A Parent.

How Your Child Is Being Bought And Sold.

Coup: What's It All About?

In Defense Of "Lust" And Iniquity.
(The role/duty of "contemporary' education and educators.")

Education And Your Child's Soul.

Behind Closed Doors.

Why Nationalism Is Seen As Fascism By Globalists.

There Is Only Right And Wrong.
Consensus is Wrong making Wrong Right, negating Right.

Elizabeth Warren And Health Care - How Communism Works.

Why Liberals, Socialists, Globalists Are Never Wrong,
Only Needing To Do Things "Better" When They Are.

The Siren Song Of Contemporary Christianity.

Paradigm Chart.

Why Homeschooled Students So Quickly Become Marxist in College.

Three Paradigms.
Which One Is Yours?

Pleasure As Capital.

What Liberals, Socialists, Globalists Have In Common.
(What you have in common with them.)

Making The Victim Guilty Of A Crime.

The Eyes Are Stronger Than The Ears. (revisited)

Double Standard.

Political Systems.

Training Up The Next Generation Of Troops.

All Psychologists Are Liars—Praxis Lies.


Marxism In The Classroom.

The Karl Marx In Your Child:
How Public-Private Schools Are 'Liberating' Him (Negating Your Authority As A Parent).

Mature vs. Immature.

The Consequence Of Making Pleasure (Dopamine Emancipation)The Standard For "Good."

What Is Missing (Negated) In Dialogue.

Socialism Engenders And Rewards "The Improvident, Unskilled, And Vicious."

Pleasure And Hate - Drugs And Violence.

The Heart.

The Issue of 'Change.'

Vernunft and Selbsterhaltung ('Reasoning' and Self-preservation).

At The End Of The Day.

The Difference Between Fellowship and Relationship.

If you start with ...

The "Super-ego."

Traditional vs. Transformational Education.

Karl Marx Is In Your Heart, The Karl Marx in You, Just Waiting to be 'Liberated.' and The Karl Marx In You (In Your Heart). (revisited)


History vs. Social(ist) Studies.

Being "Beguiled."

BSTEP and 1984.

"Listening Skills."

The Earthly Father's/Heavenly Father's Authority.

The Child's Carnal Nature.

The Capital in Socialism.

Thought Police.

(Politically Correct - Paradigm 'Change')

If - Then.

The Next Breath You Take ...

The Cost of Negating Neurosis.

Being "Positive."

If You Are Not Upset ...

Despotism Predominates In The Heart Of The Child.

Homeschooling Parents and Christian Educators Beware!

It Is All About Perception.





The So Called "New" World Order.


Redemption and Reconciliation.


Psychology Is Antithetical To Christianity.
The child's/man's carnal nature is antithetical to the father's/Father's authority.


the foundation of Marxism, Psychology, and the "New" World Order.

Social Media.

The "Why?"

Where Have All The Fathers Gone?

Where Have All The Ministers Gone?


Culture of Dialogue.

"Like": The Facebook society.

"Old School" or Traditional Education.

"Laissez Faire" or Transitional Education.

"New Word Order" or Transformational Education.

Turning People Into Chickens, Rats, and Dogs.

The Common in Communism.

Public-Private Partnership.

Council on Foreign Relations.

"Taking Ownership."

History (revisited)

The Silent Killer: Dialogue.

Genesis 3:1-6 Negates ...

Affirmative Action.

Das Kapital.

(How and why the homeschooling "movement" is being brought "into line" with contemporary education.)

The Father's Authority Structure In The Home.

The Father's Authority Structure In The Classroom.

The Father's Authority Structure In The Workplace.

The Father's Authority Structure In Government.

The Father's Authority Structure In The "Church".

Social Worth.


The Heart Of The Problem.

Why You Can Not See The Truth.

A Cookbook On Humans.


Psychology Is A Political System:

The Group.



Political Correctness ...

Socialism Would Be Great If ...

Government And The Heart Of Man.


"Critical Criticism."




Hegel's "Scientific" Formula.
(How it is being used on you and your children today.)


Philosophy and "So Called Science."


Selective Information.

The Person, His Deeds, And The Office.

The Charlatan.

When Discussion Is Rejected.
(The importance of discussion.)

"Win - Win."
The Marxist Waltz.

Where You Start Is Where You End.

College Syndrome.

How You Communicate With Others Reveals Your Paradigm.

Your Social Worth.

Lenin's Speech
(the Consensus process).

All of My Life.

The Kingdom of God.

Inductive Reasoning vs. Deductive Reasoning.
(Why 'liberals,' i.e., socialists use inductive reasoning, i.e., selective information to advance their agenda.)

"I Think. Therefore I AM."

The "New" World Order. (revisited)


"Just The Facts Ma'am."
What Liberals Fear.

How Your Child Is Educated Shapes His or Her Ideology.
Wide Gates To Hell.
Riding Broomsticks. (revisited)
Dialectic Reasoning Is Reasoning From Hate.
Understanding 'Liberals.'

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.
The Danger of Generalizing:
Comparing Apples to Oranges.
Diaprax (revisited)
(What it is. How to overcome it.)

People Believe A Lie Because ...
'Liberal's,' Socialist's (National and Global) "abhor not evil."
(I started with 3 pages and ended up with 28. Go figure.—Some 'light' reading before you go to bed. Not.)
"The Pride of Life."

Using Crime.
Benevolent vs. Tyrannical Authority.
God does not hate you.
"Identity Politics."
Sense of Guilt.
Your Soul.
Moral Compass.
The Negation of Negation.

Hate Speech.

Cognitive Dissonance.
Opinions Dialogued to a Consensus:

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.
The "High" Road.
Theory X, Theory Y.
The Father's Love.

(The Love of the Father.)
The "Eternal Present."
Behavior "Science."
Diversity in Unity.
Socialists, Laws, gods, and goddesses.
El Faro.
The "Middle Class." (revisited)
The Socialist's Problem And Solution.
Democratization, Socialism, Liberalism, Communism, Globalism, "Group Psychotherapy," Consensus, etc., is all about ....
Creating "Snowflakes."

Theory as Belief.
Jurisprudence of Terror. (revisited)
Turning Your Child Into A Common-ist.

The Common-ism of Communism.
Karl Marx Is In Your Heart.
Mine. Not Yours.
It Is Not Her Body.

Feigned Words.
Marxism (revisited)
The Innocent and Righteous and Dialectic Reasoning.
Discussion vs. Dialogue.

The Use Of Generalization:
in order to classify ("label") a person as a Hitler, a Nazi, a Fascist, or a racist or a potential Hitler, Nazi, Fascist, or racist.
Rule of Law vs. Rule of "Lawfulness."
"Self Interest" is Covetousness.
(the "new" world order can not function, i.e., buy and sell you without it.)
It Is Just That Easy.
It Is All About The Money.

How The Dialectic Process Works.
"Our Children."

When You Spare The Rod, You Destroy The Children And The Nation.
The God of the Consensus Process.
Culture War.
"Safe Zone"

Private Convictions. (revisited)
Godlessness. (revisited)
Bullies. (revisited)
Your Opinion (revisited)

Psychology is Marxism:
The Problem.

You can deny it all you want but it will not change the facts or the truth.

Curriculum is Paradigm:
changing the curriculum changes the paradigm.
Gun Control.
Borderless Society.
Back To The Future.
The Making Of A Police State.
Domestic Violence.
History Books.
Mental Illness.
Grief Counseling.
Facebook Mentality.
Social Contract Theory

The So Called "'New' World Order."

The Liberal Mind.
Hate Crime.
Building Relationship upon Self Interest: the consensus process.


The Affective Domain.
Private Convictions.
The Consensus Process: turning snowflakes into an avalanche.

The Karl Marx in You, Just Waiting to be 'Liberated.'
The Apostate Church:
Leadership Pimping the Church for It's own Pleasure and Gain.
Making the Child the Focus of Attention.
All facilitator's of 'Change' (and those following after them) are "Children of Disobedience."
Socialism: Through Dialogue Discovering Your "Self" in Others.
Crying Baby.

Shades of Black.

The Police State.
The Making of Law.

Lasciviousness - Legalism
(links used in issues exposing the dialectic process.)

Liberals in Conservative Disguise.
Rejecting the Father's Authority.
Divide and Conquer.

PowerPoint presentation in PDF format: The Praxis of Affirmation (the consensus process) in the Classroom:
how it turns children against their parent's authority.
Your Heart:
(how it affects government).
Your Opinion.
The Dialectic Lie. (revisited)
"Self" Preservation.
The Formula.
Self, i.e., Self Interest. (revisited)
Theory and Practice.
Work Ethic.
Teachers as Parents.
The Process of 'Change.'

Better Life.
Children, living (thinking and acting) from and for the "sense experience" of the 'moment':
(the merging of Carl Rogers and Karl Marx in the praxis of "group psychotherapy," negating the father's/Father's authority).
"Listen Up, Saints" by Dick York

Using the "youth group" to negate the father's/Father's authority.
When Children Rule.
Georg Hegel's Ideology of the Child.
The Ideology of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud.
The Soviet System is the Consensus Process.
The Love of the Child.
The Love of the Father.
The Guilty Conscience.

The "Restoring America" Lie. (revisited)

Your "Self."
Individualism vs. Collectivism.
If I were a minister.

What the "group grade" classroom is all about.
Facilitators of 'Change' are Children of Disobedience.
Ministers of Dialectic 'Reasoning.'
You were created to be righteous.

Just Once.
The Mirror.
Towers of Vanity.
Turning Broomsticks into Horses.

"Lawfulness without Law." Huh?
Better Life or Doing What Is Right and Not Wrong?


Strong Delusion
Giving your life to the Lord.
The Spectrum of 'Change.'


Dialogue engenders rioteousness.
"Good Sense"
Introduction—Part 2 broken up into 31 sections

Being Reasonable

The Consensus Process is Like the Moslem Religion

Introduction—Part 3 broken up into 36 sections

"Bloom's Taxonomies" - A Chart. (HTML format)

Handout for meetings. (pdf)
Socialists are Why-ners.

An Open Letter to the Elected Representatives of Herndon, Kansas
(concerning the Community Development Block Grant)

Changing the way you communicate with your "self" and with others.
The Difference between a Constitutional Republic and a Democratic Republic.
Why do you do what you do?

Communism is based upon what we all do that is "common"—"building community" or "relationship" based upon "compromise."
The Fate of Those Who Praxis Dialectic 'Reasoning,' i.e., "self 'justification,'"

Your Priority.
The Power to Tax.
Being "Positive" and "Not Negative."
The Gnostic Story (Fable or Fantasy).
(The antecedent to dialectic 'reasoning.')
The Dialectic Agenda.

Democratic Ethics.
The Fathers Authority, The Guilty Conscience, and Dialectic 'Reasoning' - Satan's Agenda.
Are You A Marxist?
You are wasting your time if you don't start and end here.
Therapy Concerning the Traditional Family

The Fires of Moloch
The Abyss
Using Crime
Dialectic 'Reasoning'
(Patrick Henry College as an example)
Dialectic in Brief

It Just Won't Fit.
Heaven, Hell, and Your Self.
Do You Have The Wrong Perspective?
Wicked "Conservatives"—"Ministers."
Discussion vs. Dialogue:
(Parental authority vs. the nature of the child.)
Give or Give Up?
The Meaning of Change.
Life and Pleasure.
From each, to each (Marx)
Homeschooling and the Dialectic Process. (pdf)
(the dialectic formula for 'change')

The Difference between Fundamentalists and Liberals

Suffering and Abortion
"Surplus Capital" and "Equality"
Keeping it in Perspective
Unfreezing, Moving or Changing, Refreezing People
Force Field Analysis
Group Dynamics

The So Called Shift in Education.
(The use of "Bloom's [Marzano's, Webb's—Common Core] Taxonomies" in the classroom.)
The Power of Dialogue.

The Great Deception Called Synthesis.
Benjamin Bloom, Common Core, and Marxism

Replacing the Word of God with the opinions of men.

Diaprax Exposed. (pdf, dbl. sp.)

The Shell Game.
Socialist are children in adult bodies.

(January, 2015)
The Open Door Policy
Self 'Justification' and the Consensus Process
Federal Funding of Community Collages.
Justifying your "self."
The Dialectic lie.

Hate and Violence.
Are you talking to yourself?
What to watch out for in education.

"Jurisprudence of terror"
The "Restoring America" Lie
The Father's Authority
"Self Interest"

Who has or is coming between you and your children?
Home Schooling parent's Beware.

An apology
Using crime for 'change.'
What's it all about.

(June, 2014)
Obama is unstoppable ...
Sustainable Development

(May, 2014)
The Curse of Psychology
(April, 2014)
"Obamacare" turned America into a Communist nation.
(March, 2014)
"Higher Order Thinking Skills"
(explaining Bloom's & Marzano's "Taxonomies" & Common Core; Pdf)
House of Lies.
"In all your ways acknowledge Him."
"I didn't know you were a Marxist?"

(February, 2014)
The Sodomizing of America
To Serve and Protect

(January, 2014)
Common Core
The Adolescent Society

(December, 2013)
Are you a socialist?
Thought for the Day.

Belief vs. Bigotry.

(November, 2013)
The Health Care Package.
An abortion (taking the life of the innocent) is one of the most selfish acts a person can commit.

(October, 2013)
Common Core is Hitler's Youth, Only On a Global Scale.

(September, 2013)
The righteous are being sacrificed at the alter of "Church Growth" in the name of 'change.'
The Key to Change.
Entertaining Yourself Into Depravity.
It is ALL about your Father and His authority (period).
Pure Heart vs. Perfect Union

(August, 2013)
What Common Core is all about.
If-Then Regarding Facilitators of 'Change.'
Are You A Marxist And Don't Even Know It?
Sovereignty, Why Transformational Marxists hate it.
"Purpose Driven." What is it?
Homosexuals destroy innocence and decency, forcing all to "tolerate," i.e. 'justify' their praxis of abominable, silencing all who disagree.
"Change agents" in the "church."
Are you "In Denial?"

(July, 2013)
What Are You Contending For?
Hegel, Marx, and Freud: Negating the Father's Authority, 'Liberating' the Children of Disobedience..
The Roles 'Change' Agents Play to Seduce, Deceive, and Manipulate You.
A World Organized and Administered by Orphans.
The Apostate Church.
Perception, what "seems to be," is the key to 'change.'
"Church Growth" - freedom from religion.
The Common Error.
Where along the spectrum of 'change' are you?
"How do you 'feel'? What do you 'think'?"
Go to the source.
It is all about you.
The "New" Word Order
Preventing Government Leaks
Common Core and Hitler's Youth

(It's to late to save the chicks when the vultures in the nest.)

(June, 2013)
Christ - Antichrist
Our liberties lost.
The Dialectic Process.

(May, 2013)
Herndon, Kansas: Communist seizure of power:
Regarding the Community Development Block Grant.
None dare call it common-ism.

(April, 2013)
All that is of the world.
Your opinion does not count.
Politicians are children.
"Interfaith" is the spirit of Antichrist.
The NTL's, the "Cookbook" on humans, and Tavistock, making this nation a part of the "global village."
Sustainable development is how to keep 'change' in place, negating the Father's Authority.
If A = B and B = C and C = D then A = D.

(It is a chilling and sobering formula when applied a particular way in education, as is now happening.)
I had my thirteen year old granddaughter read the above issue. She comprehended it.
The gospel of Jesus Christ engendered the framing of this nation.
It is not so hard to understand once you are willing to accept the truth.

(March, 2013)
The difference between the "old" and "new" world orders,
What is the dialectic process?

Your language reflects your culture,
When these things come to pass,

(February, 2013)
Are you reasoning from knowing (didactic) or 'reasoning' through feelings (dialectic)?
Immorality kills the father in you,
Why few will listen,
What you have to continue to pay taxes on to own, you don't own.
The eyes are stronger than the ears.
Whoever controls education and the media controls the legislators and the people.
Facilitators of 'change' are of their Father, the Devil,
What dialectic 'reasoning' is all about,
You are made in the image of God

(January, 2013)
Adolescence and the "youth group",
Put no man (or institution) between you and the Lord,
Vulture in the nest,
Oath of office,
Common Core Curriculum

(Explained so that you can understand what is going on with the education system in this nation and why. Like "Hitler's youth," what the government is doing with the youth will effect you.)
So you think you know,
Sometimes the simplest of things are the hardest to understand,
Economics and Liberty.

(December 2012)
Understanding our Father,
A Brief Synopsis of the Dialectic Process in the light of God's Word,
The Shooting,
There is no synthesis,
Paradigm "shift",

(November 2012)
You can't get there from here,
What is it that you want me to do today?,
I want you to meet my Father,
How the dialectic process affects politicians, teachers, workers, ministers, parents, children, etc.,
What 'change' means,
Taking Care of You,
Common salvation vs. common experience,
The heart according to God and Marx,
Why we are where we are today,
"Ether of the Brain",
When love is hate,
How the brainwashed respond to believers,

(October 2012)
Tearing down walls,
The "church" as a business,
A Strong Delusion,
Hate of righteousness is what is uniting the world (in the name of love),
The "church" has rejected the Word of God,
Marriage and adultery,
Why believers are leaving the "church" today,
Changing the conscience into the "super-ego" for the 'purpose of 'change'
(Controlling crime is using crime, not stopping crime)
facilitators of 'change,'
Theory and Practice: Theory is a Secular form of Belief
faith and sight.

(September 2012)
becoming a "stakeholder",
Individualism and Socialism,
"church growth",
labeling or "taxonomizing" you and your children for the purpose of 'change,'
your heart, God's Word, and this nation,
"Positive" Christianity,
"Paradigm 'shift'"
Marxism in America,
the innocent,
the "middle class",
Are you a Marxist?,
the border,
"health care",
the consensus process,
the art craft of deception and manipulation,
education ("Education Nation"),
the Supreme Court.

Isa 42:5 Thus saith God the LORD, he that created the heavens, and stretched them out; he that spread forth the earth, and that which cometh out of it; he that giveth breath unto the people upon it, and spirit to them that walk therein:
Eze 36:27 And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.
Ro 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
Ro 8:4 That the righteousness of the law might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.
Ga 5:16 This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.
Ga 5:25 If we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the Spirit.

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