Hate and Violence


Dean Gotcher

You can understand the pent up anger, hate, and violence that is released in revolutions (revealing man's unrepentant heart before God/the Father), with man (as a child full of rage) 'justifying' his destructive actions as "getting his just dues."  When your child reaches out for that which you have taken away from him, i.e. by his actions claiming that it is his to do with as he pleases, in the 'moment,' it is the Karl Marx in him, i.e. Karl Marx's hand that was reaching out for it, claiming that "the King's horses are the peoples horses" [are his horses]," as Adam and the woman, in the garden in Eden, reached out for the fruit which was on the "forbidden tree," claimed "'God's' tree is our tree (is everyone's tree)."  When your child strikes out against you, i.e. when you restrain him or take what he wants away from him, it is the Karl Marx in him that is sticking out at you, i.e. hating you, i.e. hating restraint.  You did not know your child had Karl Marx in him, did you?  You did not know that you had Karl Marx in you, did you?  The dialectic process would not work if Karl Marx (his love of the world and hate of Godly restraint) was not there, in your heart and your child's heart, waiting for someone to come along and 'liberate' ('justify') it.  If you do not respond to the face (the verbal and body language) of the rebellious child, you leave Karl Marx, i.e. the breeding ground of hate in place, within the child ("the child within"), i.e. with the child 'justifying' to himself (talking to his "self" about) annihilating ("vernichtet") the father's authority (at least treating the father/Father, i.e. the parent as being "irrational" and therefore as "irrelevant") when he gets the chance, i.e. gets the support of others, i.e. gets the support of "the group," i.e. gets the support of those in education, the media, and government, the father/Father being to strong to overcome in the 'moment,' by himself.  If a "peaceful fruit of righteousness" is not produced in the child's heart ("exercised" by chastening, i.e. getting the child off of reflecting upon, i.e. talking to his "self," 'justifying' his "self interest" of the 'moment' over and therefore against the father's commands, rules, facts, and truth), his heart of vanity, pride, and hate (Karl Marx) remains, with the child (the citizen) hating the father and his authority, i.e. hating the Heavenly Father and His restraints, loving himself and the world instead, 'justifying' the killing of the father and his authority, as well as killing any who support and thereby continue to sustain the father's traditional ways.  This is the face that we now see being vented in the streets of our land.  It is the result of who we let educate our children.  Instead of educating them under the father's authority, restraining their carnal ways, we turned them over to facilitator's of 'change,' who helped them 'justify' their carnal feelings, thoughts, and actions instead.

Institution for Authority Research, Dean Gotcher 2015