Unfreezing, Moving or Changing, and Refreezing People

Dean Gotcher

(A) seducing them into participation in the process of 'change' by encouraging them to dialogue with one another, i.e., to openly share their opinions, i.e., to share with one another their "feelings," i.e., their desire for pleasure and their dissatisfaction with or resentment toward restraint, i.e., divulging their "positive" and "negative" force fields within, without fear of reproof, correction, or rebuke, i.e., without parental authority engendering the "guilty conscience."  The "guilty conscience" is negative, the voice of the father/Father judging and condemning the child's/man's carnal desires of the 'moment' as being wrong,  judging and condemning the "positive," i.e., judging and condemning the facilitator of 'change' and "the group" not only for being wrong but for coming between the father/Father and his/His children, not only turning the children away from the father/Father but also against him/Him, making the children think they are not only "equal" with the father/Father but above him/Him, no longer needing his/His directions and restraints.  You are seduced with your carnal desires, according to the things you covet, including the desire for the approval of others.  It is why the seducer (the facilitator of 'change') will make every effort to "unfreeze" you, coming along side you, identifying with your "problem," getting you to trust him as a "friend," getting you to relax and divulge your "felt needs" of the 'moment' (divulging your desires and dissatisfactions, i.e., your desires of the flesh, tying you to the world, and your dissatisfaction with that which blocks or inhibits you from satisfying them and it, i.e., your parents or some external authority of restraint).  Socrates was found guilty of two things, corrupting the morals of the youth and turning them against their parents and God(s) authority, i.e., negating faith, both being the result of one thing, coming between the parents and their children, "helping" the children to "think for themselves," according to their carnal desires of the 'moment' ('justifying' their love of pleasure and their resentment towards parental restraint), 'liberating' the children out from under their parent's authority.  In dialogue the children pick up the parent's standards and examine them, i.e., evaluate them according to their desires and resentments of the 'moment' (aufheben or enlightenment),  negating the parent's authority in the process.   Dialogue acts as a filter, using the sensual (your "sensuous needs" and "sense perception," i.e., how you are feeling and what you are thinking in the 'moment,' in the immediate situation) to filter out that which restrains, i.e., that which is not of the temporal 'moment' (not contemporary, of the sensory), negating rote memorization and faith. (The following is an example of Socratic "programing" being used in Common Core today:

B) deceiving them in believing that they will not be held accountable for their "feelings" and thoughts of resentment towards authority which they are "openly" sharing with one another in "the group," when "the group" is already doing so, resenting and disapproving of (judging and condemning) anyone introducing or defending the father's/Father's authority system, i.e., refusing to set aside, question, and/or challenge the father/Father's commands, rules, facts, and truth in the 'light' of the carnal desires of the 'moment,' including the desire for approval from others. You are being deceived when somebody tells you, and deceived when you believe them, that you will not be held accountable for your thoughts and actions.  Why do you sense or experience hostility toward you in a supposedly non-hostile group meeting when you reprove someone in "the group?"  It is because "the group" is 'justified' in judging anyone who is judging them, producing a "guilty conscience" in them for doing wrong.  Instead of using the pain of physical force (which exemplifies and therefore reinforces the father's/Father's authority) the pain of rejection is being used instead to "bring them around."

C) manipulating them through the consensus process, i.e., coming to an agreement on a common opinion, and then putting that "collective" (common-ist) opinion into social action or praxis, 'discovering,' affirming, and propagating the process of 'change,' negating the father's/Father's authority not only in themselves but also in "the group," the "community," the nation, and wherever else they happen go around the world, i.e., transforming themselves, "the group," the "community," the nation, and the world from being 'loyal' to the father/Father's authority, i.e., preaching and teaching his/His commands, rules, facts, and truth, i.e., sustaining his/His "prejudiced" way of thinking and acting within themselves and society, preventing 'change' from taking place, to now being 'loyalty' to "the group" and their carnal desires instead, not only questioning the father's/Father's commands, rules, facts, and truth but challenging his/His authority as well, negating the father's/Father's authority in the process.  You are being manipulated when someone uses you for their own carnal pleasures (gain), deceiving you into believing that what you are doing is for yourself and/or for others of your interest.

The terms group dynamics, force field analysis, and unfreezing, moving or 'changing,' and refreezing (which are the key ingredients in brainwashing) originated with Kurt Lewin, a Transformational Marxist—Transformational Marxists are Marxists who merge Marx and Freud—who (coming to America from Germany in the early 30's) advancing the fields of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, making it possible to bring Marxism into the classroom, and therefore into the home, the "community," the media, the workplace, the government (from the national government down to the local), and even into the church without encountering crippling resistance, thus being able to initiate and sustain the process of 'change.'  In regards to the word 'change' itself, Karl Marx wrote about it in his eleven thesis on Feuerbach (a materialist).  His final and most important thesis goes like this: "The philosophers have only interpreted the world in different ways; the objective is change itself."  (Karl Marx, Thesis on Feuerbach #11)  Have you heard the world 'change' recently?  Most America's are Marxist and do not know it or are unwilling to admit it.  In their ignorance, in their denial, or in their effort to remain "underground" (esoteric) they discredit anyone who explains what Marxism really is.  Are you a Marxist?

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