Lenin's Speech.
It is the same agenda today, known as Consensus aka
The Vanguard Party.

Dean Gotcher

A "more powerful enemy, the bourgeoisie [the middle class-traditional family, with the father's authority over the family, a top-down system of government], whose resistance … and whose power lies ... in the force of habit, in the strength of small-scale production." "Unfortunately, small-scale production is still widespread in the world, and small-scale production engenders capitalism and the bourgeoisie continuously, daily, hourly, spontaneously, and on a mass scale." "... the peasantry constantly regenerates the bourgeoisie—in positively every sphere of activity and life." "... gigantic problems of re-educating ..." "... eradicating their bourgeois habits and traditions...." "... until small-scale economy and small commodity production have entirely disappeared, the bourgeois atmosphere, proprietary habits and petty-bourgeois traditions will hamper proletarian work both outside and within the working-class movement, …" "... in every field of social activity, in all cultural and political spheres without exception." "We must learn how to eradicate all bourgeois habits, customs and traditions everywhere." "... capitalism and the bourgeois environment … disappears very slowly even after the overthrow of the bourgeoisie, since the peasantry constantly regenerates the bourgeoisie give rise to what is essentially the same bourgeois careerism, national chauvinism, petty-bourgeois vulgarity, etc. —merely varying insignificantly in form—in positively every sphere of activity and life." Vladimir Lenin, Left-Wing Communism: an Infantile Disorder An Essential Condition of the Bolsheviks' Success May 12, 1920

If, by their own observations, the middle class-traditional, top-down system keeps "regenerating" itself from the people then how are they justified in fighting against that which is of nature. Millions died in Russia (and around the world) as a result of this kind of speech. It is the kind of speech which now comes with a "kinder," "gentler," more "caring" tone of voice, but has the same deadly consequence.

"... consciousness must develop a dialectical contradiction between its immediate interests and its long-term objectives, …Only when the immediate interests are integrated into a total view and related to the final goal of the process do they become revolutionary," "Marx sees … consciousness as 'practical [what does this mean to me] critical activity' [how can I get rid of (negate) it if it is not of and for me, i.e., if it is getting in my way] with the task of ‘changing the world'" [i.e., getting out from under the father's/Father's authority].'" György Lukács, History & Class Consciousness Class Consciousness March, 1920 [It is not enough to get rid of your own traditional, patriarchal parents, you must get rid of all the traditional, patriarchal parents in the world.]

"Citizens are obliged to concern themselves with the upbringing of children, to train them for socially useful work, and to raise them as worthy members of socialist society." "Socially useful work and its results determine a persons status in society." Articles 66 and 14, "Former" USSR Constitution.

"We will know that our knowledge of the authoritarian character structure is truly scientific when an average authoritarian character will be able to read the information on the subject and the regard his own authoritarian character as undesirable or sick or pathological and will go about trying to get rid of it." "We don't know the answers to the question: What proportion of the population is irreversibly authoritarian?" (Abraham Maslow, Maslow on Management)

"the group to which an individual belongs is the ground for his perceptions, his feelings, and his actions" (Kurt Lewin, Resolving social conflicts: Selected papers on group dynamics)

"The whole system of Marxism stands and falls with the principle that revolution [overthrow of the traditional parent by means of the liberation of the child's senses—in an open ended, non-directed praxis] is the product of a point of view in which the category of totality [group think—what mankind has in common, his common "felt" needs] is dominant." (Georg Lukács, History and Class Consciousness The Marxism of Rosa Luxemburg)

"Only when the process of production is organized on a socialist basis, ... can there be true economic democracy, equality or management and labor, and a high national standard of living." (Theodor Adorno, The Authoritarian Personality)

"Philosophy is a free and not self-seeking activity, … This activity contains the essential element of a negation, because to produce is also to destroy; … as Mind passes on from its natural form, it also proceeds from its exact code of morals and the robustness of life to reflection and conception. The result of this is that it lays hold of and troubles this real, substantial kind of existence, this morality and faith, and thus the period of destruction commences." "It may be said that Philosophy first commences when a race for the most part has left its concrete life, when separation and change of class have begun, and the people approach toward their fall; when a gulf has arisen between inward strivings and external reality, and the old forms of Religion, &c., are no longer satisfying; when Mind manifests indifference to its living existence or rests unsatisfied therein, and moral life becomes dissolved." "Then it is that Mind takes refuge in the clear space of thought to create for itself a kingdom of thought in opposition to the world of actuality, and Philosophy is the reconciliation following upon the destruction of that real world which thought has begun." (Hegel's Lectures on the History of Philosophy Introduction B. Relation of Philosophy to Other Departments of Knowledge.)

"What better way to help the patient recapture the past than to allow him to reexperience and reenact ancient feelings toward parents in his current relationship to the therapist? The therapist is the living personification of all parental images. Group therapists refuse to fill the traditional authority role: they do not lead in the ordinary manner, they do not provide answers and solutions, they urge the group to explore and to employ its own resources. The group [must] feel free to confront the therapist, who must not only permit, but encourage, such confrontation. He [the patient] reenacts early family scripts in the group and, if therapy is successful, is able to experiment with new behavior, to break free from the locked family role he once occupied. … the patient changes the past by reconstituting it." (Irvin Yalom, Theory and Practice and Group Psychotherapy)

"Natural sociability and morality are present in men and women. What has to be eliminated is the disgusting moralizing which thwarts natural morality and then points to the criminal impulses, which it itself has brought into being." "Sexually awakened women, affirmed and recognized as such, would mean the complete collapse of the authoritarian ideology." (Wilhelm Reich)

"The school must make room for the deviant student." "This person will be able to discriminate among values and to deviate from the moral status quo." "How such persons can be discovered, and, above all, how such persons can be produced in greater number is the major problem for research in character formation." (Robert Havighurst and Hilda Taba, Adolescent Character and Personality)

"... the function possessed by so-called irrational institutions such as the family, ... in so-called rational bourgeois [patriarchal] society ... is in reality irrational." "... the survival of irrational 'moments' of society ... can only survive through irrational institutions like the family, through a kind of work in which the workers do no receive their full return for their labour, but are exploited once again within their closest associates, ... called the germ-cell of society... the irrational conditions of society can only be maintained through the survival of these irrational functions ... of the family." (Theodor Adorno, Introduction to Sociology)

"Rather than bringing the father back to play with his son, this strategy would recognize that society has changed, and attempt to improve those institutions designed to educate the adolescent toward adulthood [work-potential]." "Equality of Opportunity becomes ever greater with the weakening of family power." "The family has little to offer the child in the way of training for his place in the community." "In the traditional society each child is at the mercy of his parents. The ‘natural processes' by which they socialize him makes him a replica of them." (James Coleman, The Adolescent Society)

"To create effectively a new set of attitudes and values, the individual must undergo great reorganization of his personal beliefs and attitudes and he must be involved in an environment which in may ways is separated from the previous environment in which he was developed. ...many of these changes are produced by association with peers who have less authoritarian points of view, as well as through the impact of a great many courses of study in which the authoritarian pattern is in some ways brought into question while more rational and non-authoritarian behaviors are emphasized." (David Krathwohl, Benjamin Bloom, Taxonomy of Educational Objectives: Book 2 Affective Domain)

"Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience: Among whom also we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others." Ephesians 2:2,3

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