Concerning 'change,' i.e. revolution:
The re-culturing (de-culturing) of America

Dean Gotcher

"Revolutionary violence [socialist 'change'] reconciles the disunited parties [reunites the children of "the village," not able to play together in the "past" because of their parent's differences in values, preventing their children from relating with the other children] by abolishing the alienation of class antagonism [negating the "top-down" system or paradigm of the traditional, Patriarchal family system with the husband/Father as the head of the home inculcating his values to his family establishing who his children can play with and who they can not] that set in with the repression of initial morality [morality being from Eros, from the child's carnal "human nature." his "natural inclination" to relate with that which is in the world (other children), in pleasure]. … the revolution that must occur is the reaction [hatred towards the Father and his authority, restraining "human nature" from relating with the world] of suppressed life [having to obey the Father without question, i.e. being chastened for disobedience, i.e. playing with the other children of opposing values], which will visit the causality of fate upon the rulers [the overthrow the Father and His authority by the children, now adults, who have the strength and numbers to do so] . It is those who establish such domination and defend positions of power of this sort [initiate and sustain the Patriarchal Paradigm] who set in motion the causality of fate, divide society into social classes [the Father as God, "I am from above, you are below" which divides the children from the Father and man from God (and therefore the child from other children and man from other men], suppress justified interests [restraining the carnal desires of the heart, i.e. the 'lust,' i.e. "enjoyment" of the flesh, the eyes, and the pride of life, which is "common" to all men, which make all men "one"], call forth the reactions of suppressed life [the pre-Marxist hand of the child striking out at the parent for restraining him from that which he "naturally" wanted (but to weak as a child to "have his way," being overpowered by the Father's force of authority), i.e. his "felt" needs now being put into social action, with all the children educated in Marxist ideology ("class consciousness"), united in the social action (praxis) of negating the Father along with His authority to restrain "human nature," preventing diversity from coming together in unity], and finally experience their just fate in revolution [with the help of and for "social cause," i.e. for the 'purpose' of 'change,' negate the Father's authority to give commands to those under His authority and chasten them when they disobey]. " (Jürgen Habermas, Knowledge & Human Interest)

Lenin's speech of 1920 was all about the same traditional family structure found in small business and the 'changing' of culture.

"[A] more powerful enemy, the bourgeoisie [the middle class-traditional family system, the "top-down" Patriarchal Paradigm], whose resistance … and whose power lies ... in the force of habit, in the strength of small-scale production [independent, separated from social cause]." "Unfortunately, small-scale production is still widespread in the world, and small-scale production engenders capitalism and the bourgeoisie ["Do what I say or else."] continuously, daily, hourly, spontaneously, and on a mass scale." "... the peasantry [the traditional family] constantly regenerates the bourgeoisie [the "middle" and "upper" class]—in positively every sphere of activity and life." "... gigantic problems of re-educating ..." "... eradicating their bourgeois habits and traditions...." "... until small-scale economy and small commodity production have entirely disappeared, the bourgeois atmosphere, proprietary habits and petty-bourgeois traditions will hamper proletarian ["the children of disobedience" united as one] work both outside and within the working-class movement, …" "... in every field of social activity, in all cultural and political spheres without exception." "We must learn how to eradicate all bourgeois habits, customs and traditions everywhere." Vladimir Lenin's Left-Wing Communism: an Infantile Disorder An Essential Condition of the Bolsheviks' Success May 12, 1920  Emphasis added.

According to dialectic 'reasoning,'  The Heresiarchal Paradigm of 'change,' "the children of disobedience" are the proletariat, who's 'drive' and 'purpose' it is, is to negate the bourgeoisie, those who initiate and sustain the Patriarchal Paradigm, supporting the Father and His authority to rule over his home, his land, and his business.  Marxism is influencing, if not controlling, your life more than you might think.  Just don't tell anyone.  They might think that you are being "irrational," and therefore "irrelevant" (not worth listening to), having already accepted Marxist ideology as being the "norm."

Revolution in the "church" is when the "leadership," along with the "fellowship" (the fraternity), decide to not longer make "sound doctrine," i.e. the authority of God and His revealed Word (revelation), the standard by which to determine action, i.e. to determine what is the right course of action to take, regarding "church" issues.  It is making "human relationship," i.e. "human nature," i.e. man's "natural inclination" to relate with the world in pleasure, the standard instead―using polls, surveys, feasibility studies instead of God's Word to determine right action from wrong (praxis). The "churches" 'purpose' being from then on is to "grow" itself upon "human relationship," i.e. 'driving' by "human nature" to find "oneness" with the world (have respect in the eyes of the world), therefore 'purposed' in initiating and sustaining greater and greater union with the world in pleasure.  Thus all are 'driven' by and 'purposed' in negating the Father's voice of direction and restraint, negating, i.e. sacrificing, not only sound doctrine, i.e. the "Because the Word says so," i.e. the commands of the Father, but also the "guilty conscience" for disobedience, sacrificing the convicting power of the Word of God by the Holy Spirit upon men for their souls sake, i.e. 'redeeming' and 'reconciling' man from righteousness (from that which divides man from man, the redeemed from the lost, the "called out ones" from the worldly church), sacrificing righteousness, the Father's commands and the "guilty conscience" for disobedience, upon the alter of dialectic 'reasoning,' 'justifying' "human nature," man's "natural inclination" to seek union, i.e. to become at-one-with the world (making "human relationship," i.e. worldly pleasure) its 'drive' and its 'purpose' instead.

The 'change' taking place in American and the "church" today is not a change of the heart of the individual citizen to seek after righteousness, but a 'change' of their paradigm.  Not a changing of belief to belief but a 'change' from belief to opinion, as being the right way to think and act.  It is the 'change' (falsely called a paradigm 'shift') from a Patriarchal Paradigm, where right and wrong, good and evil is established by the Father above, engendering a "guilty conscience" in the children below (when disobedient) to a Heresiarchal Paradigm, where right and wrong, good and evil is established upon the carnal nature and 'reasoning' ability of "the children of disobedience," 'justifying' "human nature," mans' "natural inclination" (propensity) to be at-one-with the world in pleasure, over and against the Father's authority, engendering the tyranny of the masses and abomination.

For example: "We the People" in the constitution was framed in the structure of limited government, limited in its power over the citizens (guaranteeing individual rights) by representation in the Legislative and the Executive branches, with the representatives of the states, elected by the citizens of each state for a short period of time, i.e. the Representative branch for a shorter four year term between elections, with many representatives, closer to the "feelings" of the people (with the principles of those who won, i.e. the majority and their ideals prevailing for the time), and the Senate for a longer six year term between elections, with two representatives, closer to the "principles" of the people (of those who won, i.e. the majority and their ideals prevailing for the time) with the electoral collage selecting the president (not a direct vote of the citizens themselves) all done in an effort to prevent democracy, the tyranny of the masses and despotism from prevailing, usurping control, over "the people," negating the individual citizens rights under God.  That is the difference between the oppression of "the people," where the citizen have no right of conscience, religion, speech, etc. i.e. with the right to bear arms to protect those rights from government encroachment being illegal (as Patrick Henry warned), under communism (communitarianism, democratization, conscietization) with its understanding of "the people" (based upon sensuousness, the ever 'changing' "feelings" of  "human nature"), and the liberty of "the people," with the citizen's right of freedom of conscience, religion, speech, etc., and his right to bear arms to enforce them, under a Constitutional Republic" (a government based upon principle, i.e. upon the structure of the Father's authority over or above the nature of the children, restraining their impulses and urges of the 'moment,' restraining the propensity of "human nature," i.e. man "natural inclination" to sell his soul to the devil, for the fleeting 'moment' of pleasure).   Beware when anyone comes between you and your children, your children may (being 'changed' in paradigm) return home to negate you.

'Change' the language of "the people" (and the constitution) to the feelings and thoughts of the children ('liberating' "human nature," restraining it only to perpetuate the augmentation of pleasure for "the "all'") and you 'change' the culture (and the constitution) to tyranny (to where "the people" only have the right to follow after those who "guarantee" them the "right" of abomination, i.e. "human rights").  Retain the language of principles, the language (and intent) of the Father (restraining "human nature," according to the Father's will) and you retain the culture of civility and a semblance of righteousness.

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