Regarding the censorship of this website.

Dean Gotcher

   I have contacted (3/18/17 & 3/26/17) regarding their censorship of this website—their calling it "extreme," "political/opinion," blocking it from their customers access, doing irreparable harm to me, i.e., to my reputation as being factual and honest. I never "in my wildest dreams" imagined this information would be censored in America, as it would be in totalitarian/communist countries. Even liberal professors state they can not refute my information (I read, researched, and clearly and honesty explain to them and their students the books and men they read and love, with them confirming to me and their students the accuracy of my observations and exposé, although they seem disturbed with me for doing so—over 100 of the 600 books I have researched are listed here—I do know my subject). McAfee's action, by censoring this website, is an example of "mind-control," something the Communist Chinese do. By treating facts and truth as opinions they are able to pressure everybody into their limiting (think our way or else, "in-group" "out-group," prejudiced) mindset.
   When I went to college I ordered the Marxist book The life and Teaching of Karl Marx, by John Lewis. It came wrapped in plastic with a note from J. Edgar Hoover (FBI) stating his concern about me reading such material. (I wish I had kept the note.) Recognizing freedom of speech they (the FBI) did not censor the book, preventing me from reading it, they just informed me of their concern about me reading it. McAfee (doing what totalitarian governments do) does not recognize freedom of speech, censoring anyone who they do not agree with—supposedly for "the good of the people," when it is really all about money.
   Some websites have had to pay McAfee thousands of dollars to become "un-censored." One I know of had to pay them $32,000—McAfee gave them a discount from their original $38,000 if they paid that day. That is extortion, something terrorists do. In this case taking free speech, something the Constitution guarantees, and making you pay to have it.
   McAfee's attitude serves as an example of what I am about to explain, the truth (this website) being "extreme" to "close-minded" socialist's/globalist's/humanist's/environmentalist's. While claiming to be "open-minded" they are "close minded" instead, making money all the while through extortion.
   This website will "harm" no one, except those who do not want to know the truth, hurting their "feelings." As the saying goes "ignorance is bliss"—that is until disaster comes. Censorship of free speech (the truth) is the quickest way for it to happen. As I wrote McAfee. "Shame on you."
  To date they have not responded. That is how the censorship process of totalitarian governments work. You are not relevant (uncensored) until you see things their way, supporting them in their "close minded" (totalitarian) ways.

© Institution for Authority Research, Dean Gotcher 2017