Thank You!

Thank you to all who have set up meetings so your friends and neighbors could learn about and understand this diabolical process which has so thoroughly taken over our country. For making all those phone calls. For having to endure the disappointment for people who you wanted to hear this information not showing up. For having to endure being rejected by those in positions of leadership who you thought would be interested in knowing this information.

Thank you for providing a place for us to stay, for providing meal(s) for us, and for the fellowship, encouragement, and support.

In the business of setting up for the meeting, getting deep in thought and heavy in heart over the responsibility of clearly communicating this material I hope you did not interpret me as being aloof or uninterested in the things going on around.  I am always conscious of that, yet know I must prepare before the lord a right heart and a right mind and conversation with others, though good and important, sometimes distract.  Forgive us for our shortcomings and pray for us as we continually seek the lord for the direction he wants us to go.


In Christ, Our Lord and Our Savior

Dean and Karen Gotcher.