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Some of the over 600 social-psychology books I have read researching the dialectic process.

George Hegel

Karl Marx

György Lukács

Sigmund Freud

J. L. Moreno

Kurt Lewin

Carl Rogers

Abraham Maslow

Benjamin Bloom

Ralph Tyler

James Coleman

Warren Bennis

Irvin Yalom

Theodor Adorno

Erick Fromm

Herbart Marcuse

Norman O. Brown

Paul Tillich

Hilda Taba

Vladimir Lenin (Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov)

Human Relations on Curriculum Change

Laboratories In Human Relations Training-NTL NEA-IABSl

Total Quality Management (Total Quality Management, General System Theory, and Marxist Theory and Praxis, by Judy McLemore; 1948-12-11 — 2014-12-18; "Probably the finest piece of research and writing ever done on the subject." Charlotte Iserbyt)

Martin Luther



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