Maslow on "Free Ride":
the negation of private convictions, property, and business in the name of "the people," i.e., Marxism.

Dean Gotcher

"In our democratic society, any enterpriseany individual—has its obligations to the whole." "Tax credits would be given to the company that helps to improve the whole society, and helps to improve the democracy by helping to create democratic individuals." "Any company that restricts its goals purely to its own profits, its own production, and its own sales is getting a kind of a free ride from me and other taxpayers." "The best way to destroy democratic society would be by way of industrial authoritarianism [private business], which is anti-democratic in the deepest sense." "In a democratic society a patriarchal culture should make us depressed instead of glad; it [A patriarchal culture] is an argument against the higher possibilities of human nature, of self actualization." "Third-Force psychology is also epi-Marxian in these senses, i.e., including the most basic scheme as true-good social conditions are necessary for personal growth, bad social conditions stunt human nature,... This is to say, one could reinterpret Marx into a self-actualization-fostering Third- and Fourth-Force psychology-philosophy. And my impression is anyway that this is the direction in which they are going now." (Abraham Maslow, Maslow on Management)

A reading of Lenin's speech to the Russian people in 1920 should put Maslow's statement in proper light. After all Maslow said his agenda, i.e., 'liberating' children from parental authority, i.e., 'liberating' man from the father's/Father's authority aka Nationalism, local control, the bourgeoisie would "cost much blood." ". . . I've decided to get into the World Federalists, become pro-UN, & the like."  "Only a world government with world-shared values could be trusted or permitted to take such powers. If only for such a reason a world government is necessary. It too would have to evolve. I suppose it would be weak or lousy or even corrupt at first—it certainly doesn't amount to much now & won't until sovereignty is given up little by little by 'nations.'"  "The whole discussion becomes species-wide, One World, at least so far as the guiding goal is concerned. To get to that goal is politics & is in time and space & will take a long time & cost much blood." ". . . A caretaker government could immediately start training for democracy & self-government & give it little by little, as deserved." "This is a realistic combination of the Marxian version & the Humanistic. (Better add to definition of "humanistic" that it also means one species, One World.) (Abraham Maslow, The Journals of Abraham Maslow

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