"Once the earthly family [where the children are obedient to their earthly father, honoring his authority] is discovered to be the secret of the holy family [where the Son of God is obedient to His Heavenly Father, honoring His authority], the former [the traditional family] must itself be annihilated [vernichtet] theoretically  [in the thoughts of the children, which are subject to their feelings of the 'moment'] and practically [in the actions of the children, with the children thinking and acting according to the laws of nature, i.e. according to the laws of the flesh, i.e. according to "human nature" only, no longer being restrained by the father's/Father's authority, therefore no longer restraining others, i.e. "the group," i.e. society with the father's/Father's authority]."  (Karl Marx, Theses On Feuerbach #4)

If the father/Father's authority is to "do right and not wrong" (as established by the father/Father) and the child's nature is to "approach pleasure and avoid pain," then either the father's/Father's authority rules over the child, restraining his "feelings," or the child's "feelings" become the standard for society, negating the father's/Father's authority in the process.

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