Mortimer Adler, Marxism, and the Aspen Institute

The common thread throughout history has been man's effort to 'liberate' himself from God's authority.  Without the "help" of the charlatan (the facilitator of 'change'), befriending the farmer and the farmers daughter, i.e., deceiving the father and his daughter (not telling them of his intentions), seducing her into leave with him in order to manipulate her, using her for his own carnal gain (pleasures) and then, when she no longer pleases him, discarding her, she would remain under her father's authority until she married a man of his liking.  The prodigal son thought his father's money was his inheritance.  But when he (along with his "friends") used it up, he went home (to be a servant to his father) to discover that his inheritance was his father's love for him.  Half truths are lies, with the person's intentions being to seduce, deceive, and manipulate those who listen to him, trust him, and follow him, to use them for his own pleasure, to their own eventual demise.

Mortimer Adler recognized that Socrates was found guilty for corrupting the morals of the youth and destroying their faith in God(s).  He is exonerated by socialist because he revealed how to come between the father and his children, getting them to dialogue their opinions to a consensus, i.e. coming to a carnal understanding of the 'truth' of the 'moment' (that truth is found in their love of pleasure and hate of restraint), 'liberating' the children out from under the parent's authority so that they can use them (along with their father's money, land, business, and wife) for their own carnal gain.

As Mortimer Adler, the founder and former director of the Aspen Institute in Aspen Colorado, wrote: "In my long experience of conducting Aspen seminars, in which the Communist Manifesto is read and discussed, I have always begun by saying that Marx is more right than wrong;"  "Marx and Lenin were not wrong in all respects; nor were they entirely right. The Marxist-Leninist doctrine is not wholly true and sound; but neither is it wholly false and unsound. The millions upon millions of people who have lived under communism in this century have not been totally deluded, deceived, and misguided. Hence the other question to be answered . . .: What principles in Marxist-Leninist doctrine should be retained and what others should be rejected? The choice is not between the extremes of all or none, but rather in the middle ground of partial retention and partial rejection."  (Mortimer Adler  Haves Without Have-Nots) 

Karl Marx was dead wrong.  Millions have died violent deaths finding that out for themselves, including those who promoted his ideology.  Rat poison is only 2% poison but that makes the rest poison.  The tombstone of the demolition expert can read "He was more right than wrong."  The space shuttles that failed had more things going right then wrong, but all on board died.  Going into space you want all 20,000 plus parts to be right.  One wrong can kill you.  The doctor can tell parents, as he informs them that their child died on the operating table, that he did more things right than wrong. 

Presidents, Supreme Court Judges, media moguls, etc. have been members of the Aspen Institute (a Marxist training camp similar to the NTL's).  For more on the Aspen Institute see Judy McLemore's article: "Total Quality Management - General Systems Theory - Marxist Theory-Praxis."

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