As you may have noticed.  When I write an article I add to it until it is done.  While its original size might be four pages it ends up being twenty or more pages when I am finished.  Therefore it gets quite repetitive, as I make each addition stand alone.  Tense changes, paragraph sentences, grammar errors, etc. tend to take place when I do this.  Therefore I am having this article proof checked.

I simply wanted the information out as soon as I could since it says what I want to say in the shortest number of pages I have written to date (although I keep adding to it so it is not as short as I had hoped).  Having read over 600 social psychology books (many which are required reading for a PhD in Ed. and Administration today, promoting the process; 150 listed here) it is hard not to add quotations, i.e. source material.  I tried not to in this article but I did not succeed since they reveal so clearly what the "game plan" for 'change' is all about, in their own words.

Dean Gotcher