If you are interested in hosting Dean Gotcher for a meeting or seminar, please contact him at or write him at Box 233, Herndon, KS  67739.  He usually does a speaking tour into an area of the country and schedules meetings accordingly.  He will need a place to hold the meeting, such as in a home, restaurant or community meeting room or in a church. You will need to contact those you want to hear his presentation. Print out promotional flier and fill it in to announce the meeting.   There is no charge for these meetings (there is no honorarium required).  We ask that, if possible, you provide a place for Dean and his wife to stay the night.  He gives the opportunity for a love offering and has a book table for those who want to purchase information after the meeting.

Meeting handout (the one I use in meetings, also in pdf format) or you can use a six page (front/back = 3 pages), five page, four page, three page, or two page handout (all in pdf format) along with charts.

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