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Please check for schedule changes as meetings sometimes have to be rearranged or rescheduled.

These are open to the public, but I do not publish home addresses or phone numbers.  Contact us for specific information on any of these meetings at

Speaking Schedule

Date City Location Time

I speak for free.  If you can put my wife and me up for the night, even in your or a friend's home, it would be helpful to us but is not necessary.  Since we drive by car, from November to March, i.e., during the winter months we try to keep out of the North East and Central States blizzards, ice storms, etc., having meetings in the South Eastern and Western Coast States, and Southern States instead, usually going from the SE, S, to the NW.  Otherwise we are open to having meetings anywhere we can make it.

If you are interested in having me speak to your fellowship, or in your town hall, library, civic center, hotel conference room, or home (or a friend's home) please e-mail me at  Many of our meetings are with a handful (or less) of people in a home.  Also, if you know of anyone across the nation who might be willing to host a meeting, call them and ask.  If they are willing (or might be willing) let them contact us.

I also do an extended in-depth study if you are (or anyone you know is) interested in hosting it.  The first night is my regular presentation. The second day and/or night I present an extended, in-depth lecture on the men (and the methods they used, which are still being used today) who proliferated the dialectical process in America. I would prefer an all day meeting over a night meeting (on the second day) as I can cover more material and have time for questions and answers.

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    Keep us in your prayer as we spend time on the road.

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