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For anyone not familiar with the dialectic process, or who wants to follow a sequential explanation of the process, it might be helpful to start with the Introduction to the dialectic process (at the bottom of the page) and work up from there to the present.  The following article condenses most of what I cover in the programs and is worth reading for a clear understanding of the subject of dialectic 'reasoning.' Understanding our Father.

Dec. 10, 2014:  Two one hour presentations on the Chart used to explain the difference between the dialectic process and the father's/Father's authority:  Part 1, Part 2

Dec. 6, 2014:  Two half hour (or so) presentations on the dialectic process and the father's/Father's authority:  Part 1, Part 2

Sept 24, 2014:  Two hour radio show with John Mooney:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Mar 9, 2014:  Bloom's Taxonomies and Common Core:  Part 1, Part 2

Feb 19, 2014:  Genesis 3:1-6 and Diaprax,  Part 1, Part 2

Jan 28, 2014:  The Dialectic Process, Part 1, Part 2

Dec 17, 2013: Introduction to Dialectic Process: (1) Part 1, Part 2.  (2) Part 1, Part 2.  (3) Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.  (4)  Part 1, Part 2.  (5) Part 1, Part 2. (Outline and Quotations)

Feb 03, 2013:  Although these are not radio shows they are a great presentation of the dialectic process, a four part series: (1), (2), (3), (4).

Jan 20, 2013: The Dialectic: Part 1Part 2  (Read the article/issue Common Core Curriculum for more information)

Jan. 12, 2013: The Father's command and the child's opinion, (30 min.) The Father and His only begotten son is the only answer. (40 min.)

Jan. 11, 2013: Understanding the dialectic process Part 1, Part 2.  (Article to read with audio: The simplest of things ...)

Jan, 05-06, 2013: Two days (10 am. - 5 pm.) in Spring, Texas (North Houston).  Go to audio link.

Jan. 03, 2013 Redeemed from the Fathers wrath - Reconciled to the Father Freedom of the Conscience vs. freedom from the Conscience (whoever controls the money establishes the Paradigm, i.e. whoever establishes the Paradigm controls the money).

Brainwashing & Class notes on Kurt Lewin. (article which correspond to the following programs)

Jan. 02, 2013: (1) Didactic-Dialectic Father-children Paradigm change, (2) Kurt Lewin - Unfreezing-Moving-Refreezing and Brainwashing, (3) Kurt Lewin Warren Bennis Edger Schien on Brainwashing, (4) Brainwashing is washing the Fathers authority (sovereignty) from the brain.

Jan. 01, 2013: Starting with the child instead of with the Father Introduction to Brainwashing - Washing from the brain the Fathers authority.

Dec. 31, 2012: Overview of the Father and dialectic reasoning Kurt Lewin - How to get the Ought out of you to get the Not out of you.

Dec. 28, 2012: Your heart's desire.  Love not this life (love not this world).

Class notes on Kurt Lewin. (article)

Dec. 27, 2012: Kurt Lewin and change.  Kurt Lewin and change in the Church.

Dec 26, 2012: A Nation of Abomination - starting with the children instead of with the Father.  Your inheritance is in your Fathers love.

Brainwashing (article)
Textus Receptus vs. Heresy documents which engendering dialogue, i.e. Genesis 3:1-6. (article)
Human Relations in Curriculum Change.  "A 'cookbook' on how to 'cook' humans." (pdf file)
Dialectical Christianity: the praxis of heresy. (article)
Introduction to the Dialectic Process. (article)
A Quick Overview of the Dialectic Process. (article)

Dec. 24, 2012: There is no such thing as Christian Psychology.  Social-psychology (psychoanalysis) is Transformational Marxism.  Brainwashing - Human Relations in Curriculum Change.  Theory and Practice and Group Psycho-therapy. (cont.)

Murder, incest, and crime (patricide and incest) are the attributes of the children of Dialectic 'reasoning.' (article)

Dec. 23, 2012: Only two choices - the Father or the children of disobedienceStart with the Father instead of with the child of disobedience.

A Brief Synopsis of the Dialectic Process in the light of God's Word. (article)

Dec. 22, 2012: The Father's authorityNegating the Father's authority.

Dopamine:  Why man "lusts" after the "gratifying" objects of nature which stimulate it's emancipation.

Dec. 21, 2012 : Dopamine and the Dialectic process of approaching pleasure and avoiding pain, Part 1, Part 2.

Scriptures and quotations used in following radio programs. (article)

Dec. 20, 2012: You don't love God if you love your opinion and the opinions of men.  Part 1, Part 2.

Dec. 19, 2012: Loving the children while hating the Father. Part 1,  Part 2.

Dec. 18, 2012: Introduction to the dialectic process. Part 1, Part 2.

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