Traditional Marxism vs. Transformational Marxism.

Dean Gotcher

Traditional Marxist (hard line Communists) demand that people do what Karl Marx said—kill the father figure and anyone who honors, supports, and propagates him and it—thus continuing the father's/Father's "top-down," "right-wrong," "do what I say or else" authority system, engendering Nationalism (Fascism) with a father figure at the head. Transformational Marxists, merging Karl Marx (socialism) and Sigmund Freud (psychology), create "group psychotherapy" instead, demanding people to not just study Marx but become Marx as well, i.e., 'liberate' their heart, i.e., their love of nature (pleasure) and hate of restraint, negating the father's/Father's authority in their thoughts (private) as well as in the actions (public).

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