Thought Police.

Dean Gotcher

In a traditional society, what you know is of importance. It is why established commands, rules, facts, and truth are preached, taught, and discussed, with an emphasis upon doing right and not wrong, as well as obeying being important, resulting in you being judged for your belief and actions. In a socialist society, what you are thinking is of importance. It is why the dialoguing of opinions ("feelings") to a consensus (affirming the child's carnal nature in you) is the praxis, with you being judged for your method of thinking or 'reasoning (paradigm), i.e., thinking or 'reasoning' from "feelings" instead of thinking or reasoning from established commands, rules, facts, and truth as well as your actions for "the people," i.e., the process and against authority, i.e., the resisters of 'change.' If in the consensus process you refuse to participate or fight against the process of 'change'  you will be labeled (the "thought police" will label you) as being irrational, unreasonable, paranoid, phobic, a lower-order thinker, maladjusted, negative, divisive, hateful, prejudiced, intolerant, psychological, neurotic, "in denial," "mentally ill," "not a 'team player,'" a Fascist, "a resister of 'change,'" anti-social, racist, etc., needing counseling (therapy) if you are to become a "healthy" member of society. See the issue P.C. (Politically Correct - Paradigm Change) for more on the subject.

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