The Health Care Package.

Dean Gotcher

What was conjured up in the back alleys, by the depraved in mind, has now become the way of thinking and acting on main street America.

Ralph Tyler, for example, headed up Delphi programs (changing how people think and act while making policy), was the director of many projects such as Thomas Kuhn's "Revolution of Science" (from where we get the phrase "paradigm shift"), who Benjamin Bloom dedicated his first "Taxonomy of Educational Objects" to, was the advisor to six of our presidents regarding education wrote:

"The ethical issue is: How much can society spend, if it has limited resources, on keeping some person of age 65 alive for ten years at a cost that would cover the health services to children for perhaps 20 or 30 times that many children?"  (Ralph Tyler,  An Interview with Ralph Tyler Conducted by: Jeri Ridings Nowakowski, Ed.D. November 1981)

When we "accepted" the "Health Care Package" we put our lives in this man's hands (and men and women who think like him).  It is a bloody "package," built upon an "ethics" that will "take care" of the elderly (you in your old age) and the unborn (and anyone else who gets in its way) for the "good" (the carnal pleasure) of society, i.e. for the "good" (the carnal pleasures) of those in power.

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