The Adolescent Society.

Dean Gotcher

From the onset you should know that an "adolescent society" is not normal.  It has to be artificially produced.  The normal ways of culture (if it is left to itself) is the children being raised according to their Father's authority (in other words the children tend to carry their fathers' "top-down" authority into their own homes, when they raise their own families).  While they might not like their father's authority when they are children they revert to it when the have their own children.  As Abraham Maslow had to admit, after having his own children, letting the children rule goes against nature.   "... my children got me into conflict with my theory.  Who should teach whom?  Youngsters teach the elders or vice versa?  I've been in continuous conflict over this Esalen-type, orgiastic, Dionysian-type education [his own description of his type of education, i.e. contemporary education, before he had his own children]."  (Abraham Maslow, The Journals of Abraham Maslow)

Socialists have propagandized the lie (successfully) that women shape society while the truth is it is men.  (If you had a "knee jerk" response to that fact, I proved my point, you will now run off to their propaganda to prove me wrong).  If you want to 'change' society you have to change history, i.e. distort (pervert) the facts.  Your perception of your family history shapes how you "feel" and what you "think" about yourself and the world.  That mental history is generally established by the time of puberty.  This is the reason world history was not taught until the eighth grade in the "old" school system (with world history being a study of the sovereignty of nations, not globalism-environmentalism which negates it).

For 'change' of culture (for the negation of a "traditional," i.e. patriarchal culture) to take place, "world history" (globalism-environmentalism) had to become a part of the child's thoughts at an earlier age.  Socialist first established the ninth to twelfth grades.  The reason being, the Father's and mother's morals were key to the development of the character (thoughts and actions) of the children of the traditional family.  Thus by the age of twelve (puberty), right and wrong established by the parents, helped the child determine his thoughts and actions of the day (who he would or would not associate with as well as how he would behave).  As the sons went to work for their Father, their Father's morals would continue to direct their thoughts and actions.  Thus the Father's morals would continue not only in the work environment but in the culture as well, shaping the mindset of the next generation of citizens.  The same was true for the daughters staying home with their mother.

To brake this "lock" (moral restraint) upon culture, i.e. the affect of the Father's authority upon culture, the children had to become exposed to a "new" ('liberated') way of "thinking" and "acting."  The ninth through twelfth grade were developed to provide a time period for the boys and girls (during the time of puberty) to not be directly under the supervision (and therefore influence) of their parents, with their natural urges, impulses, and curiosity being restrained by their standards.  It was in this "cauldron of seething excitement'" of the next four years of "education" that a "new" world order was given birth.  (Norman O. Brown, Life Against Death: The Psychoanalytical Meaning of History)  Kindergarten was likewise introduced to provide the first socialist environment for the children in the public school system, re-shaping how they were to "think" and "act" in the following grades, during a time freed from their parent's "top-down" authority.  If you think I am a nut case (after having read over 600 social-psychology book on the subject I know what I am saying) read "The Adolescent Society" by James Coleman for yourself.  He was trained under the Marxist Paul Lazarsfeld and had major influence on the Supreme Court's decisions regarding "education reform" in the 60's.

We are now living in the world of his making (and thousands of other men and women like him), i.e. a world of abomination with not regard for parental restraint, a world (including the "church") 'driven' by and 'purposed' in separating the children from their Fathers authority.  It did not happen by accident and it has always resulted (as history shows) with a bloody ending, with the "children of disobedience" "purging" their world of those who are still holding onto the "past," i.e. those who seek to re-initiate and sustain parental authority over their children (which also initiates and sustains private property and private business).  For the "new" world order to be forever sustained (read: "Sustainable Development") the Father's authority must be forever (perpetually) negated. (This is why theory has replace belief, the dialoguing of opinions, i.e. where people are asking you how you "feel" and what you "think" in the 'moment, has replaced the preaching and teaching of truth, i.e. where people are warning you about the consequences of you thoughts and actions, abomination has replaced righteousness.)  It is what abortion, euthanasia, environmentalism, globalism, "Common Core," and the "Health Care Package" are all about, "purging" society of parental authority once and for all, so that the adolescent society, i.e. socialists, i.e. children in adult bodies can have their carnal way, unhindered by Godly restraints.  We now have an "adolescent society," i.e. a nation of 40 year old men playing with toys ("lusting" after, i.e. "entertaining" themselves with the things of the world with no shame) instead of directing their children's steps, bringing "them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord."  Ephesians 6:1-4.

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