Dean Gotcher

Whatever a "psychotherapist" labels you as, you can never fully recover (the potential is always there). Private convictions, what you struggle within in order to overcome, correcting, reproving, rebuking your self privately, i.e., dying to your "self" daily, once exposed through dialogue (in a psychotherapy session) can never be recovered, making you subject to the person you divulged your internal battle with, who can (and will) use it against you for their own advantage—they owe it to society, i.e., to the socialists, i.e., to their "self."

In the Soviet Union all that the "authorities" had to do was label you as "psychological" and you had no future.  Your prior importance made not difference.  Just to be labeled "psychological" would censor you for the rest of your life.  Today, when you refuse to participate in, resist, and/or expose the dialoguing of opinions to a consensus meeting (counseling session), the statement is "not being a team player."  It does the same evil deed to anyone who seek employment today.  Government establishes that label upon anyone who questions the "democratic" cause of governance, i.e. global dominance for the 'purpose' of "worldly peace and socialist harmony."  It is what the so called "health care package" is all about, with Common Core preparing the next generations mind to accept this way of thinking and acting.

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