Preventing Government Leaks.

Dean Gotcher

If the government would stop doing unconscionable things it would not have to worry about people with a conscience warning the citizens about its unconscionable activities.  Michael New, a home schooled young man, was dismissed from the military with a  dishonorable discharge for refusing to put on a UN uniform, having proven to do so would be an act of treason under the Constitution (the President has to get congresses' approval to do so, which was not done).  His lawyer knew they had won the case until the court refused to allow his right of conscience, a right which is (was) granted in the military code.

Student's are sometimes asked how they would have responded to the SS, in Fascist Germany, who asking them the question "Are there any Jews in your home?"  Some say they would lie, others tell the truth, etc.  The only right answer is: the question should never be asked in the first place.  Only a government without a conscience would ask its citizens (the private sector) to divulge information which the government (the public sector) has no business knowing.  To do so is an act of tyranny.  The census, for example, only to be taken once every ten years for the purpose of representative government, requires only one answer.  The number of citizens who are living in the home?  Any other question asked by the government is an act of tyranny, i.e. collecting information on its citizens to use against them, i.e. to seduce, deceive, and manipulate them or to neutralize, marginalize, and negate them.  To answer those questions is to aid and abet an act of tyranny, i.e. circumventing representative (limited) government.  Surveys are "the eye of the beast."

The biggest problem a government of tyranny has is the government agent and/or citizenry who develop a "guilty conscience." The only solution for government to do then, if it can not initiate and sustain the negation of the "guilty conscience" in the first place, is develop methods of profiling and then compiling portfolios on all its citizens, both in and out of government, to detect and then neutralize, marginalize, and negate any who might have or develop a "guilty conscience." It is where we find ourselves today.  Case in point: On how government determines your trustworthiness: ( - a Deloitte-Touch Tohmatsu pdf file)  People with a conscience, i.e. who fear God and love His Word are at high risk under a government with these methods at its disposal.

Two charts, from page 8 and 28 in the Deloitte paper Mitigating the Insider Threat (above bottom link) shows how to profile and track people for the purpose of controlling them and the workplace (the nation) for the purpose of initiating and sustaining socialism (globalism).  Note the invasion of the persons private life in the third chart (puzzle) and the grading (color coding: green - low risk, yellow - moderate risk, red - high risk) of that person. From page 28 (puzzle with bridge from traditional to non-traditional, i.e. invasive):  Traditional internal data sources: Personnel Files, Performance, Background Checks.  Non-traditional external individual or household level data sources: Financial Data, Lifestyle data, Disease State, Household data, Consumer data.  Non-traditional data sources unlock new insights into insider threat.   On page 31 we read: "Algorithmic solutions built from these and hundreds of other data elements can quantify the behavior of employees off and on work, and potentially predict when early intervention is required to prevent insider threat and asset loss."  On page 32, the moment you come onto the government's radar screen "HR encourages supervisor to actively monitor [your] system access."  This is your life and your children's life under this government from now on.  Welcome to the "new" world order of totalitarianism (anti-fear of God and love of His Word). This all stems from BSTEP (1969), the first government grant system to gain access to, profile, portfolio, and track all students in the education system (and citizens in the future—what Common Core is all about).

"Abstract: Security: Don't forget the people! People are and always will be the weakest link in security. Yet, it's an often overlooked topic within security curriculum. You cannot effectively manage security without understanding people. This session will discuss why humans must be a part of the security solution and how that can be effectively accomplished. It will include a short segue on social engineering and how humans can be hacked. The presenter will discuss the importance of influence and persuasion and how anyone can learn to be an affective security leader and coach.  In this session, we will talk about educating students on people skills and all of its components. If we fail to understand people, we fail to properly implement security controls. We need to ensure we're educating others on methods for reaching, persuading, and influencing others at all levels of an organization."  ("A New Era in Cybersecurity Awareness, Training, and Education" - 25th Anniversary:  Conference presentations will be posted to the FISSEA website,, March 27, 2012)

Is it ethical to track people as though they are guilty until proven innocent?  These programs do so, despite their appearance.  Only a government of tyranny would put into practice such procedures under the title "National Security."  Just a sign of the Frankfurt School (and Gramsci, Kurt Lewin, Wilhelm Reich, J. L. Moreno, etc.—all Marxist) in the 21st century, making sure that totalitarianism (globalism) is initiated and sustained in all facets of society, i.e. "sustainable development," i.e. "development" another word for revolution.  It is why the gospel will be preached in all the world, to be rejected by the ethnics ("people groups"—the apostate "church growth" perverting the gospel message, making it socialist, to give the appearance the gospel message is being received, i.e. for the cause of "making customers," i.e. making money by 'redeeming' man from the Lord God and the Lord Jesus Christ, 'reconciling' them to the world), justifying the Lord's return to judge the nations and the apostate "church."

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