My Senator.

Having emailed my Senator, over thirty times and not receiving a response:

You did it again. Having taught in a University on the practice of Marxism, warning students about what it is and how it is taking over America (I know what I am saying). When a citizen gives you facts and truth and you treat them as an opinion or refuse to listen to and respond to them you have done what a Marxist does, treat every fact and truth they do not want to accept, as an opinion. Shame on you. 

It is a sad day when a Doctor does not check out what might be a cure (is a cure) for a virus, and a Senator does not respond to his constituents, who he might disagree with, treating them like Hitler, Stalin, Mao or the current leaders of Communist countries treat those who they do not agree. But I will send the same email I have sent in the past hoping you might become an American Senator and respond.

Dear Senator Roger Marshal (and aids),

I repeat my last emails, again, and again, and again. You continue to ignore the importance of Ivermectin in response to the Wuhan virus. There are needless deaths as a result of not taking it.  Your "willed" ignorance is a disgrace to anyone who calls themselves a doctor (to have a known cure to the virus and to deliberately ignore it is a crime). Do your homework.

Your refusal to recognize the importance of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as a preventative and cure makes you as much a doctor as Mr. Fauci is a scientist. I keep getting, in response to my emails " Thank you for contacting the office of Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. Your correspondence will be passed on to the relevant staff and we will be getting back to you as soon as possible," yet I get no response. This is unethical and troubling, making you a liar, just like Fauci.

Most politicians, having become intoxicated with, addicted to, and possessed by the "feeding trough" mentality that comes with being in the office will ignore or turn and rend anyone telling them the truth, i.e., getting in their way. This I hope is not true regarding you.

In highest regard (to the office you hold—since your behavior in that office is not honorable).

Dean Gotcher