"Laissez Faire" or Transitional Education.

Dean Gotcher

"Laissez Faire" or transitional education is basically "education" where the "educator" babysits the students, letting them pretty much do what they want as long as they do not hurt one another and/or disrupt other classes. It can vary from an environment where all must keep still and quiet to where chaos rules. It is called transitional in that it is an environment where traditional and transformational minded students become discontent and want to take control of the classroom, where traditional minded students, who, wanting to do (and be) right and not wrong, want to learn facts and truth but have to do it on their own (possibly in an environment of disorder or disruption where they, trying to stop the "chaos" are constantly preaching at students, telling them to sit down and be quiet, i.e., telling them how to behave—in order to be left alone) and transformation minded students, who, wanting to "build relationship" with other students, want to dialogue, if the "educator" and/or the other students let them do so.

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