Keeping it in perspective:
according to the Word of God.

Dean Gotcher

When the paddle (the rod, i.e., chastening, i.e., punishment, i.e., judgment) is removed from the parent's (or teacher's) hand, when the parent (or teacher) no longer has or uses their (God given) power of authority to initiate and sustain the "old" world order of commands and rules to be obeyed and facts and truth to be accepted as is (by faith), the child automatically becomes subject to his own carnal nature, the carnal nature of those around him, and the world (unless he becomes subject to God's authority), i.e., making himself (his "self" or "interest," which are the same) subject to his own impulses and urges of the 'moment,' the environment which stimulates them, and those who manipulate the environment, seducing and deceiving him, using him to satisfy their own carnal pleasures as he satisfies his own, 'creating' a "new" world order based upon the "feelings" ("felt needs") of the 'moment,' a "new" world order of unrighteousness and abomination where the child no longer reproves, corrects, or rebukes his "self," i.e., repents for doing wrong and does what is right, i.e., matures, but instead sins (disobeys) with impunity, i.e., with no "guilty conscience" (with no sense of accountability for his thoughts and actions before a Pure, Holy, and Righteous God, i.e., no awareness of or refusing to recognize his own wickedness and thus condemnation, i.e., the eternal consequence which results from following after his carnal thoughts and carnal actions, i.e., no fear of the eternal damnation of Hell which awaits him for his sins).  While the earthly father chastens his children for his own pleasure, so that he can do as he wills, for his own pleasure (dad and mom are not perfect, they may be down right tyrants, but their office of authority, given to them by God, is perfect, under Him), our Heavenly Father (who is perfect) chastens us (who, by faith in Him, are 'redeemed' from eternal damnation, through His Son's death on the cross, covering our sins by His shed blood, 'reconciling' us to Himself, through His Sons' resurrection) that we might partake in his Holiness. What the Heavenly Father, and His only begotten (and obedient) Son, Jesus Christ "bring to the table," that no earthly father can, is the Holy Spirit, giving us His Love, Joy, and Peace, none of which the world or "human nature" can offer, much less understand, only being able to make "feelings" (pleasure and pain), that which they can understand, the ground or basis from which to determine 'reality,' i.e., from which to evaluate, i.e., from which to determine for themselves what is right and what is wrong (for the 'moment'), holding onto what makes them "feel good" rather than doing what is right (according to the conscience).

The "problem," according to those of dialectic 'reasoning,' is that while a child might fight against his parent's authority (as a child), when he becomes a parent himself he tends to replicate it, i.e., use his parent's "top-down" authority system on his own children, thus perpetuating (propagating) the "old" world order of doing right and not wrong according to the parents standards, producing a "guilty conscience" (the fear of judgment) in their children, preventing 'change.'  Therefore the "Objective" of dialectic 'reasoning,' as you will see, is to 'create' a classroom environment in which the child can learn how to 'liberate' himself (as well as others—including his own children in the future) from his (the) parent's authority system (from the "guilty conscience" for disobeying, i.e. for doing wrong) in order to 'liberate' man (the "group," the "community," society, the world) from God's authority system (from the fear of judgment and eternal Hell for his sins, i.e., being held accountable before God for his carnal thoughts and carnal actions). It is not a matter of whether the father is a tyrant or a benevolent, loving, caring, providing for, protecting father, it is the system itself which is under attack.  According to those of dialectic 'reasoning' the father's authority (parental authority) "must" be negated if  the "new" world order of 'change' is to replace the "old" world order which resists 'change."  'Change' can only take place if knowing (because you have been told) is replaced with "feelings" (experiencing for your yourself), belief with theory, facts and truth with opinion, preaching and teaching with dialogue, doing right and not wrong with love of pleasure and dissatisfaction with restraint, eternity with the 'moment,' i.e., with the "eternal present," the soul (which is eternal) with the cognitive, affective, and psycho-motor domains (making man of the world only).  A person or child 'driven' by the pleasures of the 'moment' ('driven' by the flesh and the world which stimulates it), 'purposed' in augmenting pleasure (making the world a "better" or "safer" place to "live," i.e., "lust" within) is a man or child 'driven' by hate, 'purposed' in removing the father/Father and his authority system (negating the restrainer and his restraint) from the world.

For example: teachers today (along with their classes and their school) are graded upon their use of Bloom's Taxonomies.  Bloom's  (Marzano's, Webb's) Taxonomies, while recognizing the traditional way of teaching, replicating the system of parental authority (holding it in contempt), trains all teachers in the use of dialectic 'reasoning,' calling it "higher order thinking skills," which when used on rocks, plants, and animals is good (true science), but when used on values (making all participants natural resource, i.e., of the world only), what the bible calls "so called science," is evil, dictating to all teachers, students, faculty, community leaders, parents, etc. the kind of society they demand (their educational "Objective"), i.e., a society of children 'liberated' from their parent's authority system as well as a society 'liberated' from God's—the "Objective" being: don't go after God himself, go after His authority system (by going after the parent's authority system) and He will "wither away" in the feelings, thoughts, and actions of the child as well as in man and society as they do as they please, i.e. sin (question, challenge, and disobey authority) with impunity (with no "guilty conscience").

© Institution for Authority Research, Dean Gotcher 2015