It is ALL about your Father and His authority.  Period.

Dean Gotcher

I keep coming back to this in all my research.  It is All about our Father (our Heavenly Father) and His authority.  What we have today is a world of men who want to remain as children, 'justifying' their carnal thoughts and actions.  While we are to have only one Father, i.e. "Our Father which art in Heaven," in Christ, when we are not fathers to our children, they can not understand the Father's love and the fear of judgment, i.e. accountability for their thoughts and actions before God.  If Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, and George Hegel understood this simple truth, why can't we?  All effort is being spent today to destroy (annihilate, negate) the father's authority in the home (from where we derive private right's, sovereignty, i.e. "My family.  Not yours." "My land. Not yours."  "My business. Not yours." which comes from God, i.e. "My Garden. Not yours").  There is no other program out there but the negation of the Father's authority (the use of facilitators of 'change' to SDM, i.e. Seducing, Deceiving, and Manipulating the children into 'willingly' negating, i.e. NMR, i.e. Neutralizing, Marginalizing, and Removing the Father's authority, not only in their thoughts and actions but in all children's thoughts and actions so that all those of the world can do unrighteous and abominable things without having a "guilty conscience").  If you don't understand this, you don't understand what is happening to you and the world you live in today.

While the earthy father is not perfect (he might be a tyrant), his office 1) to give commands to his children, 2) to bless those who obey, 3) to chasten those who disobey, and 4) to cast out those who disrespect his authority, given by God, is perfect (Hebrews 12:5-11).  Marx, Freud, and Hegel knew that by pointing out to the children their father's "repressing" of their natural urges and impulses, i.e. their carnal desires, i.e. their "natural inclination" to be at-one-with the world, in pleasure, in the 'moment' (engendering a "guilty conscience" for disobedience Romans 7:14-25), the children (realizing that all children have this same "problem" in common) would be 'justified' in negating their father's authority in their thoughts and actions (Genesis 3:1-6).  Thus all children would become victims (servants) to those 'liberating' them from their father's authority, i.e. the facilitators of 'change.'  Satan is the master facilitator of 'change,' 'liberating' the first "children" from their Father's authority in a garden in Eden.  He continues to do his same thing today, government sanctioned, so that all the children of the world can become united as "one," i.e. being 'liberated,' while 'liberating" all the children of the world, from their father's authority, i.e. "Making the world safe for Democracy," i.e. creating a "new" world order, i.e. a world freed of the need for our Heavenly Father's restraint, to where abomination, as in the days of Noah, now rules in the hearts of men (children in adult bodies, including "ministers," who no longer fear God and love His word, seeing themselves accountable only to the augmentation of pleasure, i.e. propagating abomination around the world).

Theodor Adorno explained Marx's, Freud's, and Hegel's correlating of the father's authority to the authority of God, i.e. the necessity of negating the father's authority in the thoughts and actions of children, if God is to be negated in the thoughts and actions of men.  "God is conceived more directly after a parental image and thus as a source of support and as a guiding and sometimes punishing authority." "The conception of the ideal family situation for the child:  (1) uncritical obedience to the father and elders, (2) pressures directed unilaterally from above to below, (3) inhibition of spontaneity, and (4) emphasis on conformity to externally imposed values."  "An attitude of complete submissiveness toward 'supernatural forces' and a readiness to accept the essential incomprehensibility of 'many important things' strongly suggest the persistence in the individual of infantile attitudes toward the parents, that is to say, of authoritarian submission in a very pure form."  "Authoritarian submission was conceived of as a very general attitude that would be evoked in relation to a variety of authority figures―parents, older people, leaders, supernatural power, and so forth."  "The power‑relationship between the parents, the domination of the subject's family by the father or by the mother, and their relative dominance in specific areas of life also seemed of importance for our problem."  "A tendency to transmit mainly a set of conventional rules and customs [the father's authority], may be considered as interfering with the development of a clear-cut personal identity [the carnal nature] in the growing child."  (Theodor Adorno, The Authoritarian PersonalityKarl Marx: "Once the earthly family is discovered to be the secret of the heavenly family, the former must be destroyed [annihilated] in theory and in practice."  (Karl Marx, Feuerbach Thesis # 4),  Sigmund Freud: "'It is not really a decisive matter whether one has killed one's father or abstained from the deed,' if the function of the conflict and its consequences are the same." (Sigmund Freud in Herbert Marcuse, Eros and Civilization), and George Hegel: "The child, contrary to appearance, is the absolute, the rationality of the relationship; he is what is enduring and everlasting, the totality which produces itself once again as such."  (George Hegel, System of Ethical Life)

By simply 'changing' the classroom environment from the Father's authority, under God, i.e. where teachers 1) inculcate (preach and teach) facts and truth, commands and rules, to their students, i.e. facts and truth, commands and rules to be learned without questioning the teacher's authority, 2) bless those who obey, 3) chasten those who disobey, and 4) cast out those who disrespect their authority, to "the children of disobedience" ruling, i.e. where facilitators of 'change,' i.e. "teachers" partnershiping with the students (now perceived as "their" children), "encouraging" them to dialogue their opinions to a consensus to 'discover' 'changing facts, truths, commands, and rules' together, with all things, including morals and ethics, becoming situational, i.e. subject to the child's perception of the 'changing times,' the world can be 'changed' from local sovereignty to global governance.  In this way the father's authority, under God, from who we derive inalienable rights, is negated in the thoughts and actions of the next generation, i.e. in the future citizens, who no longer understand private rights, under God, but only know of public-private partnership, i.e. "human rights" as the way of life.

"Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph." Exodus 1:8  Now there arose a population of children in America, which knew not the principles of the founding of this nation. Marxists knew of the importance of 'changing' the education of the children if the government of this nation was to be 'changed.' "Work done by Horkheimer in the thirties identified 'neurosis' [obedience to a Father's authority restraining one's carnal nature, 'justifying' limited-representative government to protect the authority of the Father] as a social product, in which the family was seen as a primary agent of repressive socialization [preventing socialism-globalism-communism, i.e. democratization, conscietization, habitualization].'"  (Marxist, Erich Fromm, Marx's Concept of Man "The family is one of these social forms which ... cannot be changed without change in the total social framework [replacing representative/limited government, which protects the Father's authority, with government by consensus, which negates the Father's authority]."  (Marxist, Max Horkheimer, Kritische Theori"For the men who made the Constitution there was no principle that did not derive its authority from a religious source [from the Father's authority, under God]."  "Government and its trust is 'found on the nature of man, that is, on the will of his Maker and . . . [is] therefore sacred. It is an offence against Heaven to violate that trust.'"  (Max Horkheimer quoting Dickinson in Eclipse of Reason

What Marx, Freud, and Hegel only dreamed of has now become 'reality,' with facilitators of 'change' taking control of the world, ruling over families, lands, and business's (facilitating town hall, county, state, federal, church, business, education, and home meetings) with all "citizens" becoming subject to the child's "lusts" and abominations.  Hegel wrote: "On account of the absolute and natural oneness of the husband, the wife, and the child, where there is no antithesis of person to person or of subject to object [no father's authority], the surplus is not the property of one of them, since their indifference is not a formal or a legal one." (George Hegel, System of Ethical Life)

All facilitated meetings carry this same pattern, i.e. the negation of the Father's authority (the citizen's right of private family, private property, and private business, i.e. the child's right to inherit his father's authority), negating it, i.e. the facilitators of 'change' eradicating it through the consensus process of 'change,' entertaining themselves while taking the father and his children, i.e. the nation into debt, depravity, and death.  If you collaborate (dialogue) with 'change,' i.e. abdicate your Father's authority to the facilitator's of 'change,' you negate that which is yours, your inheritance, i.e. your inalienable rights, under God.  Without the Lord's hand of protection over our lives and this nation, with us repenting of our sins, we have no hope of escape from our carnal nature, the consensus process, slavery, and eternal death.  God's protection over this nation is determined by the heart of the people.  He is looking at your heart to determine what to do with this nation.  Is it worth saving?  Americans, even those who claim to be conservative, are as "children of disobedience," running away from the Father's authority, i.e. from the Word of God as fast as they can, turning instead to the opinions of men.  Know this: the Lord Jesus Christ (the only begotten Son of God, obedient to His Heavenly Father even unto death) is our final judge in the end, judging us for our thoughts and actions, holding us accountable to His Words. "For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father's, and of the holy angels."  Luke 9:26  Without this knowledge all your efforts are vain.

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