Part 2

Section 26

   Believers, who were once key to the fabric (culture) of this nation, have now—with the "help" of "ministers," i.e., facilitators of 'change'—become labeled "extremists" (because they continue to hold fast to the Word of God without compromise—what was the heart and soul of the Protestant Reformation, i.e., doing their best [individually] as unto the Lord, accepting the "priesthood of all believers," putting no man between them and God, understanding that salvation is by grace and not by works [with works following after faith], that righteousness is imputed through faith in Christ Jesus alone, and preaching and teaching that on the day of judgment the Lord God will hold everyone accountable, according to the thoughts which they are entertaining and the actions which they are doing today, etc.,). As Max Horkheimer (a Marxist) noted in his book, Vernunft and Selbsterhaltung (Reasoning and the Preservation [salvation] of Self): "Protestantism was the strongest force in the extension of cold rational individualism."—something which had to be negated if globalism ("We working for Us") was to become a 'reality.' In his book, Eclipse of Reason, Horkheimer wrote: "For the men who made the Constitution there was no principle that did not derive its authority from a religious source [from an authority above human nature]." "Government and its trust [quoting John Dickenson] is 'found on the nature of man, that is, on the will of his Maker and . . . [is] therefore sacred. It is an offence against Heaven to violate that trust.'" Changing duality (above-below) into plurality (diversity of religions, i.e., diversity of men's opinions—treating belief as a theory, therefore God's Word as an opinion amongst opinions, which makes the uncompromising, i.e., "entrenched" believer, i.e., "fundamentalist" appear as being irrational, i.e., "hateful"), secularism has progressively negated the affect of the Word of God on the affairs of men. Karl Marx wrote: "It is not individualism [under God] that fulfills the individual, on the contrary it destroys him. Society ["the group" in consensus, i.e., setting aside their differences, i.e., their beliefs, i.e., their faith, , i.e., "judgmentalism" ("prejudices") so that they can working together as "one" for the "common good"] is the necessary framework through which freedom [from the father's/Father's authority system] and individuality [freedom to do as one pleases] are made realities." (Karl Marx, quoted in John Lewis, The Life and Teachings of Karl Marx) If the authority of God's word were accepted by men, then we would not be where we are today, subject to laws protecting, supporting, and promoting the unrighteousness and abominations of men. As the Marxist Jürgen Habermas in his book Theory and Practice admitted: "If the 'restoring of life' of the world is to be conceived in terms of the Christian revelation, then Marx must collapse into a bottomless abyss." I do not blame the secular world for what has happened to this nation, the last six commandments of the Ten Commandments are secular in structure, dealing with man's relationship with man. I blame "Christians," who, abdicating the faith, have chosen the approval of men, i.e., the opinions of men over and therefore against the approval, i.e., the Word of God.

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