Part 2

Section 25

    Having spoken in liberal universities, with liberal professors at the end of my presentation stating they could not refute a word I said (having read their "hero's" books, I quoted them, exposing their hatred toward God, i.e., their hatred toward the Lord Jesus Christ and those of faith in Him), that they simply did not like me for what I said (exposing their agenda—needless to say, I am not invited back), I know what I am saying is true. Although I do not need their "confirmation"—truth stands on its own—it in some way helps. It is "ministers" who are most deceitful and dishonest (and rude), doing what I call "damage control" after my speaking, in order to neutralize what I shared with "their" congregation—'justifying' their use of the dialectic process (the compromising of God's Word) in order to "grow" the "church," "building relationship upon 'self' interest," labeling those who use the Word of God to expose them, i.e., their use of dialectic 'reasoning, i.e., the dialoguing of opinions to a consensus, i.e., "self 'justification'" to "grow" the "church," as being divisive, i.e., the source of dissention and division within the "church."
   As the "church" goes the nation goes. Satan, instead of fighting against the "church," has joined it instead, becoming an administrator, i.e., a facilitator 'change,' "helping" it "grow" by making the Word of God subject to the opinions of men, i.e., subject to what people "think," based upon their "feelings" (desires) of the 'moment,' thereby establishing the "church" upon, i.e., making its foundation the praxis of men dialoguing their opinions to a consensus, thus making the facilitator of 'change' its cornerstone, making it, i.e., the "word of God" and the "church," readily adaptable to 'change,' i.e., subject to man's "felt needs" (carnal desires and dissatisfactions) of the 'moment,' i.e., 'driven' by man's desire ("lust") for pleasure, including the pleasure which comes from the approval of men (affirmation, i.e., "the pride of life"), 'purposed' in augmenting pleasure (peace and affirmation according to the laws of the flesh) for all mankind. It is why it is so difficult to communicate with those infected with dialectic 'reasoning,' the only response you get from them, if not indifference, argumentation, accusation, and/or hostility, being that "deer in the headlight" look. If you are not into the Word, not just studying it but applying it to your mind and heart daily as well, meditating upon on it day and night, allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you in not only what to share (preach and teach) but when to share (preach and teach) it, all you have in response to the dialectic process is your feelings and thoughts (your opinion) of the 'moment,' 'justifying' the process.

© Institution for Authority Research, Dean Gotcher 2016