Part 2

Section 22

   Disappointed, but knowing as much at the beginning of this research, I have found that truth is always censored, in other words has to be 'labeled' as "extreme" and blocked from public access (as this website is labeled and blocked by MacAfee and many other companies such as Raytheon, Fed Ex, Kinko's, etc., and many Universities, including Christian) in a society of 'change,' i.e., in a society of opinions, i.e., in an "open minded" society, where a person's "feelings" of the 'moment'—which engenders the "super-ego"—and not some authority over or above him such as the child's parents or God—which engenders a guilty conscience for doing wrong—determines how he is to think and act, thus making him subject to seduction, deception, and manipulation instead, i.e., making him "human resource" to be used, as "natural resource," by facilitators of 'change' for their own gain, i.e., for their own pleasure, so that they can do wrong (sin) with impunity, i.e., with no sense of guilt for their wicked thoughts and actions. When you add "feelings," i.e., the affective domain, i.e., the deceitful and wicked heart of man to the conscience, i.e., to "right" and "wrong" it (the conscience) becomes a so called "super-ego" (is negated), making the person subject to 'change,' i.e., subject to the situation of the 'moment,' as well as subject to the person manipulating the situation (the environment), i.e., the facilitator of 'change', who by "helping" "the group" determine the "appropriate information" to be used in the so called "discussion," i.e., censoring "inappropriate information"—the preaching and teaching of the father's/Father's commands, rules, facts, and truth which engenderers a guilty conscience for doing wrong in the individuals in "the group"—which would inhibit or block the outcome, i.e.., the consensus process, i.e., the dialectic process of 'change' and the facilitator of 'change's' control over the people and their land, using them for his own pleasure, for his own gain. In the end that is what dialectic 'reasoning' is all about, 'liberating' the child/man from the father's/Father's authority system, negating the guilty conscience for doing wrong/for sinning in the process, so that the master facilitator of 'change' can rule the world unimpeded, i.e., rule over a "new" world order where all men's thoughts and actions ("theory and practice") are uninhibited, i.e., are one and the same, i.e., are subject to "nature" only. The scriptures warn us of such a "man" and of such a day, i.e., of such a times as these.

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