Part 2

Section 20

That is the formula for 'change'—which I covered in one of my fourteen, three hour class periods (which included explaining J. L. Moreno's role-playing procedure and the effect it has on those who participate, as well as Kenneth Benne's "Human Relations in Curriculum Change," dealing with Group Task Rolls, Group Relationship and Maintenance Roles, and Individual Roles—which are correlated with the Patriarchal paradigm, which are negated through the role playing procedure). And by the way things are looking, it is working, i.e., having its way (for now that is). The only problem for those of dialectic 'reasoning' is the Father sending His Son the second time, to get his bride and judge them for their wicked thoughts and actions ("theory and practice").
  Over the last twenty years I have been speaking (from coast to coast) on the subject of 'change,' i.e., on the dialectic process—which was my teacher training ("Bloom's Taxonomies" are based upon it, explained below). It appears I may be one of only a few who are interested in knowing the truth (about teacher training), with most, if interested, dealing with only the symptoms (poor grades, with standards being lowered in order to "keep" the grades "up," with the youth
disregarding, questioning, challenging, disrespecting, disobeying, defying, dishonoring, and/or attacking authority, engendering crime) or the labels (which are many and ever changing: Goals 2000, No-Child-Left-Behind, Common Core, etc., despite the fact that they are all using the same underlying process, i.e., the dialectic process) but not the source of the problem, i.e., the use of dialectic 'reasoning,' i.e., "group psychotherapy," i.e., the consensus process in the classroom—where the focus of education is on socialist's-environmentalist's, i.e., globalist's concerns, the three E's, i.e., ethnicity, economics, and environment, 'liberating' students from learning to do right and not wrong according to commands, rules, facts, and truth established by their parents, their teacher, their boss, ,,, "the laws of nature and natures God." The same dialectic process or system of revolution (call it "velvet" all you want but it is still violent in the end) is being used by the government, the military, the police, the medical profession, businesses, etc., to set policy, as well as by "youth groups," "cell groups," and board meetings in the "church," 'changing' the way everyone feelings, thinks, and acts, as well as how they relate with themselves, others, and the world, negating respect for and faith in authority. Jesus mentioned something about faith, i.e., the lack thereof before his return.
   I would hope that some educators, after reading the following, would repent, i.e., would turn from their use of the dialectic process
i.e., from their using the dialoguing of opinions to a consensus, i.e., the "group grade" system in the classroom, as I did, and expose it for what it is, a process of deceit and wickedness (secularized Satanism, intellectualized witchcraft), 'changing' students, i.e., 'liberating' them from having faith in their parents (and/or God), from respecting their (and His) authority, and from obeying them (and/or Him). Dialectic 'reasoning' is used to initiate and sustain 'change'—used to 'liberate' students (and teachers, parents, etc.,) from the father's/Father's authority system (from having faith in the father/Father, i.e., from doing right and not wrong according to his/His will, i.e., from thinking and acting according to his/His commands, rules, facts, and truth), negating the guilty conscience for doing wrong, i.e., for disobeying/for sinning in the process, so that the child can do wrong (disobey) with no sense of guile and man can sin with impunity.

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