Part 2

Section 17

   I knew (discerned) that something was wrong with my teacher training when I earned my teaching degree (certification) forty-five years ago (during the time when classroom curriculum was 'changing' from teachers teaching facts to where teachers were becoming 'change' agents, i.e., facilitators of 'change,' "encouraging" students to dialogue their feelings or opinions with one another, 'liberating' their affective domain from the restraints of the father's/Father's authority system in the classroom, negating respect for authority, i.e., 'liberating' them from their parent's authority in the home, engendering 'change'). After attending seminary (which was more about man's opinion of God's Word, i.e., weighing God's Word on the scale of man's "felt needs," i.e., his carnal desires of the 'moment,' making God's Word subject to the opinions of men rather than man living by "every word which proceedeth from the mouth of God," i.e., weighing the Word of God with the Word of God, thus weighing his thoughts and deeds from it, making him subject to God and His Word—learning in a "Church Growth and Administration" class how to preach a "good" sermon from the pulpit, gain the congregations "trust," then announce a need for 'change,' facilitating 'change' by bringing the process of 'change,' i.e., the dialoguing of men's opinions to a consensus into board meetings, youth groups, cell groups, church functions, "bible" studies, etc., getting rid of the "old" boring hymns of doctrine, replacing them with "contemporary music," making the service "lively," while still preaching "good" sermons from the pulpit, to silence the critical, i.e., the discerning, until all are on board the ship of progress, the discerning having been either converted—unable to stand alone with the Lord, desiring group approval instead, giving in to the process—or left; or growing the "youth group" and taking them with you along with some elderly—need cash flow—and starting a new "church" of your own, etc., all of which I considered blasphemies and abominable), working construction for twenty-five years (where facts matter), and taking university classes on European history, focusing mainly on the French and Russian revolutions as well as on Fascism, and what engendered them—[FYI, Fascism, i.e., "National" socialism is an offshoot of "Global" socialism, i.e., common-ism aka Communism, which is based upon the praxis of the "Third Estate" of the French Revolution, with five-hundred seventy-six men uniting as one in consensus, with one objecting, i.e., 'creating' the "peoples council," i.e., a soviet, i.e., resulting in the formation of the directorate, usurping and then negating the King and his authority, as children uniting as one, usurp and then negate, i.e., establishing themselves equal with and therefore greater than the authority of their parents—this similarity or correlation between the authority of the King and the father's authority in the home is taken seriously by those of dialectic 'reasoning.' "Global" socialism was in essence hijacked by "National" socialists in Italy and Germany. While socialism itself, whether "Local," "National," or "Global," is based upon man's desire for pleasure and dissatisfaction with restraint—which is common with all men and children, which therefore can be used to engender unity amongst men and children—"Global" socialist's agenda is to unite men by "encouraging" them to work together in consensus (only attainable through the dialoguing of their opinions, i.e., their "feelings" of the 'moment,' to a common understanding and agreement, i.e., affirmation), 'liberating' themselves from the "repressive" system of traditional "top-down," "right-wrong" authority, along with its commands and rules, which are to be obeyed without question, and its facts and truth which is to be accepted as is, by faith, which divides, i.e., which "alienates" man from himself, others, and the world, thus inhibiting or blocking unity, preventing 'change.' "Global" socialist's base a persons worth or values upon the way they think and act, with their worth or value increasing as their thoughts and action ("theory and practice") become progressively the same, i.e., of nature only, as well as their loyal to "global," i.e., social, environmental, and economic issues. "National" socialists, on the other hand, base a persons worth or value upon their ethnicity, i.e., good genes vs. bad genes and their loyalty to National issues, an "us vs. them," i.e., "in-group - out-group," i.e., "lander - ausländer" way of thinking and acting (or so it is taught, the truth being "The love of money is the root ...."). All forms of socialism, whether "Regional," "National," or "Global" must negate the father's authority in the home (individualism) in order to initiate and sustain control over "the people." "Global" socialists, in error, generalize that the traditional family and National government are one and the same in structure, negating gemeinschaft, i.e., neighborhood, i.e., autonomous families in a community, i.e., private family, property, and business, by correlating the King over "the people" being the same as the father over "the children," i.e., with good and bad, right and wrong being established by the one in authority {where in America, we made the father of the home King, limiting the power of government, giving him, through the bill of rights the greatest of powers, which is now, thanks to the Supreme Court and Congress, all but gone}, replacing it with gesellschaft, i.e., society, i.e., with all individuals {all the children of the homes} united as one in consent, i.e., with "feelings," with what "the group" thinks, i.e., with what is "good" according to and for "the people"), claim that when the German fathers turned to the National government and its leader to protect their traditional authority system, i.e., to protect their traditional way of doing things from the "Globalists," they created Fascism, i.e.., "National" socialism. "Global" socialists, i.e., transformational Marxists, therefore consider traditional Communists, i.e., traditional Marxists, as "National" socialists, since their form of government caters to a "Nationalistic" "top-down" father's authority system, with a "father figure" at the top. This is still the paranoia of Globalists, i.e., transformational Marxists today, fearing that the father's of the nation might turn to a national leader, i.e., "Nationalism" to protect them from Globalism, engendering Fascism again. While "National" socialist's took control over the curriculum of the classroom and used education to replace the father's authority in the home with the Fuhrer's authority over the nation, Global socialists, i.e., transformational Marxists use education {'changing' the curriculum}in order to negate the children's respect for the father's "top-down," "right-wrong" authority system itself instead, whether in the home or at the head of the nation, weakening if not destroying the traditional families structure in order to cut off the potential of Fascism, i.e., "National" socialism, with its "father figure" rising up again, cutting off the "Globalists" agenda to control the world for themselves. I know, TMI but it does, for example, explain the issue of immigration, i.e., legal, i.e., those loyal to National, i.e., "sovereignty" issues, vs. illegal, i.e., those loyal to self and social, environmental, economic issues, i.e., global, i.e., "self interest" issues]—and philosophy (focusing especially on Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, who believed that the "absolute" comes from the child, i.e., from "the people," whose nature is to approach pleasure and avoid pain, and not the father, whose system of authority insists that children do right and not wrong, according to his standards), I spent five years (on my own) researching the dialectic 'process,' reading over 600 social-psychology books (many of which are required reading for a PhD in philosophy, sociology, psychology, anthropology, education, administration, etc., I do know my subject). I then taught at a university (an upper four hundred level class) on the people who brought the method of 'change' from Europe to American, using it to 'change' America(ns), i.e., using the consensus process to negate the father's authority in the feelings, thoughts, and actions of children and in their relationship with themselves, others, and the world, with educators, i.e., facilitators of 'change,' i.e., psychotherapist, i.e., Transformational Marxists, i.e., globalists using Kurt Lewin's "force field analysis," "unfreezing, moving, and refreezing," and "group dynamics."

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