Part 2

Section 3

   God is not like the laws of nature, subject to stimulus-response, but is patient and full of mercy, or he would have killed us after our first sin. The great deception is, believing ourselves to be subject to stimulus-response, i.e., loving the pleasures of the 'moment' (which are stimulated by the world) and hating restrain, i.e., anything that gets in the way, since we are still alive after our first sin, there is no God (except us), thus making us subject to those who believe in stimulus-response only, having no patience for or mercy on those who get in their way.
   When the Apostle Paul wrote: "Who can deliver me from this body of death?" which is ever 'changing,' i.e., never satisfied, "lusting" after the pleasures of the 'moment,' hating restrain—to the last breath—he responded with the only one who can fill the hole in our soul, as well as give us hope of eternal life, Jesus Christ. (Romans 7:14-25) At the end of the day the only thing that can fill that hole, i.e., that void in our soul, is not pleasure, which is ever fleeting, leaving us hollow, i.e., unsatisfied, but having done what is right. Since we are not righteous in and of our self, it is the right-ousness of Christ Jesus alone, who was obedient to His Heavenly Father in all things commanded (Hebrews 12:5-11), imputing His righteousness to those of faith in Him, that not only the hole in our soul can be filled, but the grave, judgment, and eternal death, i.e., damnation be overcome as well. The balance of love of pleasure and hate of restraint, i.e., of "human nature," i.e., of "self " 'justification' (Genesis 3:1-6), can only be overcome by the work of the Lord Jesus Christ on our heart, resulting in abnormal behavior—with us no longer thinking and acting like the world, "lusting" after the pleasures of the 'moment,' hating those who get in our way, i.e., persecuting those who preach and teach the Word of God uncompromised, i.e., who expose our deceitfulness and wicked ways, i.e., who make us "feel bad" for our sins (for being "normal"), but loving, forgiving, and blessing those who hate us instead, preaching and teaching the Lord Jesus Christ that they might repent and come to know our Heavenly Father and His love for them, i.e., that they might turn from their wicked ways and be saved. The Marxist know this truth yet refuse to repent, i.e., turn from the consequence of their praxis. "If the 'restoring of life' of the world is to be conceived in terms of the Christian revelation, then Marx must collapse into a bottomless abyss." (Jürgen Habermas, Theory and Practice )
   Bracketed information (in and following the quotations below) is added by me in order to aid in understanding. The asterisks (*) below (in the following pages) note some of the authors used by Benjamin S. Bloom in 'creating' his Taxonomies of educational objectives (both Cognitive and Affective Domains). Most of the others authors were foundational to his work as well. "Bloom's Taxonomies" (modernized by Marzano—Goals 2000, No-Child-Left-Behind—and Webb—Common Core) are still being used in the classroom today, unabated.

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