Home Schooling Parents Beware

Dean Gotcher

A more in depth overview of why home schooling parents should be concerned about the material they are using: Homeschooling and the Dialectic Process.

Just because some website or publisher claims to be supporting or providing for home schooling does not mean they are not 'compromised.'  Writers who have graduated from college or from the University have all been exposed to dialectic 'reasoning,' potentially bringing 'compromise' into their work.  Any "tolerance," of say "whole language," sends parents down the slippery-slide of the public school system.  An example:

While all children learn differently (my mother knew this when she taught in the one room school house back in the 1920's), some by sound, others by sight, others by touch, etc. it is important to know that those of 'compromise,' i.e. of dialectic 'reasoning' (such as Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences) bring in methods which circumvent good learning methods.  Much has been published on this so you can do the research for yourself (read Sam Blumenfeld's THE WHOLE LANGUAGE / OBE FRAUD for an in depth analysis of the issue).

English is not symbols based (as is the case in some other languages) but is phonetics based.  Having studied and learned the international phonetic alphabet, learning the importance of sounding words out according to consonants, vowels, and diphthongs, which are subject to characters, and using characters to record the sounds of words, for someone to change words of sound to symbols (turning English words into pictures) simply engenders confusion in the mind (dyslexia).

Whole Language was developed by socialists in an effort to "rescue" society from rules, replacing rules with feelings (with our "sense perception" and "sensuous needs" of the 'moment').  English is a language of rules.  Learn the rules and you can read anything written in English.  We unfortunately live in a time when rules are being held in contempt or treated as unimportant (indicative of the father's authority missing in the home, even in many of the homes of those who home school, i.e. the father might be present in body but his authority is missing—with mothers, some if not most taken captive to their "feelings" and their children's "feelings," with "feelings" "ruling" in his place, i.e. making right and wrong, i.e. rules subject to the "feelings" of the 'moment,' i.e. situational, i.e. 'compromisable,' instead of making "feelings" subject to right and wrong, i.e. subject to established rules).  Rules are not our enemy but come from above or outside our immediate situation, i.e. outside or above our "feelings" of the 'moment,' giving us direction in how to deal with the issues of life.  The same is true for learning how to read.

Read Hebrews 12:5-11 to understand my position.  The point is, the earthly father's authority, as our Heavenly Father's authority, is based upon following rules, i.e. 1)  the father/Father giving commands and rules to be obey and facts and truth to be accepted as is, 2) blessing or rewarding those children who obey and do or get things right, i.e. to encourage them to continue obeying and doing or getting things right, 3) chastening those children who disobey and do or get things wrong, so that they might do or get things right instead, and 4) casting out those children who reject the father's/Father's authority to do 1, 2, and 3 above.  It is with our "feelings" of the 'moment,' along with our ability to 'justify' them—as defined in Genesis 3:1-6—that we are "able" to live our lives 'liberated' from the Father's authority, negating the solution to our life's problems, i.e. living according to our perception of the 'moment' instead of according to doing or getting things right, whether according to our earthly father or our Heavenly Father's will, i.e. doing our Heavenly Father's will through Christ Jesus our Lord, who was obedient to His Heavenly Father's commands and rules in all things, as defined in Romans 7:14-25.  I mention this because Whole Language negates the pattern of Hebrews 12:5-11 (the father's/Father's authority) and Romans 7:14-25 (the "guilty conscience" for disobedience) in the home, building the child's thought process and means of understanding upon the pattern which is found in Genesis 3:1-6, with the child 'discovering' 'truth' according to his "sense perception" of the 'moment' instead of the established rules, which lead to truth.  It might be more "fun" for the child to "learn" through 'compromise' but it is wrong.

The father's authority, i.e. doing right and not wrong, is negated in 'compromise' while the way of the world, i.e. socialism, i.e. "community" depends upon 'compromise.'  As a parent you have to decide which is more important for your child, doing what is right, according to the rules (in this case the rules of language) or doing what "feels good" in the 'moment,' so you and your child can "feel good."  The child (and parents) should "feel good" because the child did things right, according to the rules, not because he wanted to "feel good" doing his lesson.

 Language is important, God created the world, divided the nations, and reveals Himself to us with it.  Therefore there is more going on here than just "learning" to read, it is a way of learning to think as well, i.e. evaluating language from established commands and rules or evaluating language according to your desired "feelings" of the 'moment.  This pattern applies to all areas of your child's life, i.e. your child evaluating his "feelings" and "thoughts," i.e. his desires and/or opinion according to your, i.e. his parent's (and God's) commands, rules, facts, and truth (as two "children" in a garden in Eden should have done) or evaluating your, i.e. his parent's (and God's) commands, rules, facts, and truth according to his "feelings" and "thoughts," i.e. his desires and/or opinion of the 'moment' (as two "children" in a garden in Eden did).  Whole Language is based upon the latter paradigm or way of feeling, thinking, and acting, affecting how your child perceives himself and the world, i.e. perceiving himself and the world according to his "feelings" of the 'moment,' i.e. ever subject to 'change.'  It is why it is pushed so vehemently by the public (socialist, i.e. "group grade") school systems, even mingling in phonics to draw you and your children into participation.  To have it show up in home schooling material and websites is troubling.

Turning words into symbols and pictures, making words subject to our feelings or our perceptions of the 'moment' lessens our ability to study the Word of God correctly.  Faith comes by hearing (not by sight, i.e. not by our "sense perception" and "sensuous needs" the 'moment'), and hearing (even when we read silently to ourselves) by the Word of God, written and spoken (outwardly and inwardly) for our benefit (with the Holy Spirit giving us understanding).  Don't short-circuit the way we come to know the truth (as those of the world would desire).

It is disheartening to see how quickly 'compromise' infiltrates what starts out being good, as in this case home schooling material and websites.  So be discerning.  A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

Then, instead of turning the issue of education toward righteousness (doing the Father's will, i.e. the Father's authority and the Son's obedience to His Father), the focus in home school education can become a social issue, setting the truth aside in an effort to "solve" a social problem, i.e. Common Core.  For example  Glen Beck is a Mormon, not a believer in the Christ of the gospel.  Taking home schooling families to the alter of a cult, instead of to the cross of Christ, is abomination. Concerning Common Core itself, Common Core is only a further advancement of "Bloom's Taxonomies" into all areas of education.

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