Fixed Law
The law of the flesh and of nature
(both in motion, i.e. ever 'changing' and temporal, i.e. of the world only)


Dean Gotcher

"Philosophy is not outside the world; it simply has a different kind of presence in the world. The world is its ground; it is the spiritual quintessence of its age. The world is the object of its enquiry and concern.; it is the wisdom of the world." "The philosopher appeals to reason not faith, teaches rather than dogmatizes, demands and welcomes the test of being doubted, promises truth, and aims at the achievement of a world ‘becoming philosophical.'" "In short, philosophy as theory finds the ‘ought' implied within the ‘is', and as praxis seeks to make the two coincide." "The justice of state constitutions is to be decided not on the basis of Christianity, not from the nature of Christian society but from the nature of human society." "The state arises out of the exigencies of man's nature." "Laws must not fetter human life; but yield to it; they must change as the needs and capacities of the people change." "To enjoy the present reconciles us to the actual . . ." Comments by Joseph O'Malley Ed. of Karl Marx's Critique of Hegel's 'Philosophy of Right'