The Federal Funding of Community Colleges


Dean Gotcher

The purpose of Federal funded programs such as the Higher Education Act of 1965 (usurping States Rights regarding education), Goals 2000, No Child Left Behind (we will leave no child behind, remaining subject to his parents authority), All Children at Risk (all children are at risk of being left behind, still subject to parental authority), was to unify all Grade Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools upon the use of Bloom's Taxonomies, i.e. the Marxist training manuals from which all teachers are certified and all schools are accredited.  Over the past few years all Colleges and Universities (including Christian) are pressuring (mandating) that their professors structure their curriculum and classes upon the use of Bloom's Taxonomies. Common Core is being used to making sure that the next surge of students are used to remove any remnant of traditional minded professors, i.e. who are not using Bloom's Taxonomies.  It is Mao's cultural revolution, purging the institutions of higher learning of any traditional minded professors who happen to be left. The push to financially assist Community Colleges (students) from the Federal Level is simply to make sure Bloom's Taxonomies (Marxist indoctrination) is being used by all who teach there as well.

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