Entertaining Yourself Into Depravity


Dean Gotcher

The French Salons, which helped engender the French Revolution, were based upon the principle that people could be moved into accepting depravity as a way of life as they progressively accepted people talented in a skill they were interested in or enjoyed listening to or watching, who were depraved.  When you silently participate (entertain yourself) in an environment of depravity (not condemning it and then walking out or casting the depraved out), depravity becomes the norm of life.  It is what the consensus process of 'change' is all about, getting you to accept depravity, i.e. tolerate deviancy as a way of life.  It is what Common Core is all about today, creating the next generation of children and adults accepting of if not participating in depravity.

Hollywood knows that by placing a "Christian" symbol or message in the middle of an immoral move the "Christian" will think it was there for someone in the audience to become guilty of their sins and convert to Christianity when it truth it is there for the Christian to stay and watch the immoral move, placing his faith second in importance to his flesh.  What you entertain yourself with and how you respond effects you and the world you live in.

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