Common Core


Dean Gotcher

Common Core is built off of Bloom's Taxonomies, two books (cognitive and affective domain) which are the basis of curriculum development for teachers (facilitators of 'change').  Bloom's Taxonomies are built off of Karl Marx and Sigmund Freud.  Marx's and Freud's ideology is based upon dialectic 'reasoning.'  Dialectic 'reasoning' is the belief that man is to measure himself from himself, i.e. that right and wrong are to be based upon "human nature," not upon what a father "dictates" to his children, a teacher "dictates" to his students, a boss "dictates" to his workers, a king "dictates" to his people, or God "dictates" to man, restraining the child or man from satisfying (actualizing) his natural impulses or urges of the 'moment.'  While the traditional education reflected a "top-down" system of parent over child, teacher over student, boss over worker, king over people, God over man, transformational education (Transformational Marxist education) gives the child, student, worker, citizen, man "freedom" to 'discover right and wrong according what he has in common (from where we derive common-ism) with all other children, students, workers, citizens, men, i.e. his carnal "human nature."  By 'changing' the classroom environment from the preaching and teaching of facts and truths to be accepted as given (by faith) to where the child's opinion, i.e. how he "feels" about and what he "thinks" in the 'moment,' is given 'liberty' to be expressed (with no "put-downs," i.e. no father's authority of right and wrong blocking or inhibiting him, i.e. condemning him for doing wrong).  In this way, through the dialoging of opinions to a consensus, i.e. what all the children, et al 'discover' they have in common (their dissatisfaction of being told what is right and wrong when it inhibits or blocks their "natural inclination" to be at-one-with the world in pleasure in the 'moment'), the "old" word order of parent's, teacher's, bosses, leaders, God "dictating" what is right and wrong is negated, 'creating' a "new" world order, freed of Godly restraint.

"Groups and organizations should be helped to define and redefine those areas of life in which common values and standards are necessary and where efforts to build common out of contrasting beliefs and practices are required." (Kenneth Benne  Human Relations in Curriculum Change)

"In order to effect rapid change, . . . [one] must mount a vigorous attack on the family lest the traditions of present generations be preserved. It is necessary, in other words, artificially to create an experiential chasm between parents and children— One must teach them not to respect their tradition-bound elders, who are tied to the past and know only what is irrelevant." "The consequences of family democratization take a long time to make themselves felt–but it would be difficult to reverse the process once begun."  (Warren Bennis The Temporary Society)

To use Bloom's Taxonomies in the classroom is "to develop attitudes and values toward learning which are not shared by the parents" [which, according to Bloom, produces] "conflict and tension between parents and children."  (Krathwohl, Bloom, Affective Doman, p. 83)

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