Common Core is Hitler's Youth, Only On a Global Scale


Dean Gotcher

The common denominator of socialism is the negation of the traditional family, with its honoring of the father's authority.  The negation of the father's authority has to take place to initiate and sustain (preserve) the national (Fascist) or the global (Communist) cause of "peace."  Traditional communism (Traditional Marxism), which needed the Berlin wall, has only been defeated by transformational communism (Transformational Marxism), tearing down walls, where capitalism can only exist as it works with socialism, initiating and sustaining socialism on a global scale, all done in the socialist action (praxis) of negating the father's authority, i.e. 'liberating' the children of the world from the father's authority (from capitalism) for the sake of the children uniting as one (in socialism).

Common Core is simply the use of Bloom's Taxonomies, a Marxist-Freudian curriculum, promoting Transformational Marxism in the classroom, being applied on a global scale, programing all the children of the world, i.e. citizens of the future, in Marxist ideology.  Radical (Revolutionary) sounding?  Yes.  But that does not make it any the less true.

The common core to this 'reasoning' is that the Father's authority is engendered by the father's authority, i.e. by the children honoring their father's authority, which inhibits or blocks socialism in any form.  In the Common Core commercial, the workers at the top of the ladder are simply the happily workers of the world united as one, freed of Godly restraint in thought and action (in "theory and practice"), engendering a world of children loyal to the socialist cause only, with no "guilty conscience" (which is engendered by the father's authority) in their praxis.

As Hitler's youth, if you try to prevent them from having their way, they will do things to you that you never dreamed of.  But then who would believe such a story.  Certainly not the German citizens in the 30's.  We are soon to witness the affects of Common Core, as we witnessed the introduction of Bloom's Taxonomies in the classrooms in the 50's.  Was not that a time of 'change' in this nation, when the father's authority was called into question?  "Question authority."  Things don't just happen by accident.  Yet as always happens, those who would warn you of such things are considered as over-reacting.  But don't say I didn't warn you when Hitler's youth come knocking on your door, fulfilling their socialist duty to "take care of you" for the "good" of the "community."

If you are concerned about where we might be regarding this event.  Take a look around you.  Do you see any honoring of the father's authority.  That should tell you how far down the pathway of 'change' we have come.

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Compare Obama's youth ("Common Core" short for Communist Curriculum) with Hitler's youth (YouTube presentations). While on the surface one is national and the other is global in appearance, they are both the same, i.e. ridding the world of the Father's authority.

"Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not unto thine own understanding.  In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths."  Proverb. 3: 5-6

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