A World Organized and Administered by Orphans


Dean Gotcher

After the Russian Revolution there were millions of orphans.  Many became the organizers and administrators over the Gulag (the prison-labor death camps of the communist system).  All who praxis dialectic 'reasoning,' i.e. organizing and administrating the "new" world order, though claiming they "care," are in truth orphans of violence, having no "guilty conscience" for negating the Father and His authority from the face of the earth, in their 'quest' for incest ("equality") committing patricide (negating "prejudice," i.e. right-wrong thinking and acting), as was done in the French, Russian, Chinese, etc. revolutions, making the world "Safe for Democracy."  While for most people "prejudice" is associated with race, in the dialectic world it is related to right-wrong thinking and acting, engendered from the Father's authority over his children.  The dialectic doctrine being, negate the Father's authority to give commands to His children, to be obeyed without question, negate His authority to chasten His children who disobey, and negate His authority to cast out those children who disrespect his authority ("the children of disobedience," i.e. the children of dialectic 'reasoning'), and "prejudice" (faith in God above man, teaching and preaching not only God's love for you but his judgment upon you for your sins, only removable through Christ Jesus, 'redeeming' you from His Father's wrath upon you for your sins, taking your place instead, 'reconciling' you to His Heavenly Father) can be removed from the face of the earth.

It is not about race, it is about sin, i.e. man's love for his carnal nature and hate towards that which restrains his carnal ways.  While racism and hate is wrong, the race issue is used to cover up the dialectic agenda to negate the Father's authority, according to the facilitator of 'change,' the engenderer of the "guilty conscience," i.e. establishing man's accountability to God.  By making man's lust for pleasure, i.e. his thinking and acting according to his carnal nature, love, the Father's authority, who establishes right from wrong, good from evil, which restraints "human nature," becomes the source of "prejudice" and hate.  The world, freed of the Father's authority, 'liberated' from "prejudice," therefore becomes a world of children (in adult bodies) organizing and administrating the "new" world order, a world with no Godly restraint, a world of abomination doing unconscionable things.  By simply 'shifting' the learning environment from the preaching and teaching of truth to be accepted by faith to the dialoguing of opinions, seeking consensus, mankind can be moved from belief to theory, making prejudice against sin moot, negating righteousness in the thoughts and actions of men, a "new" world order can be created with orphans in control, governing the world, having no "guilty conscience" for their unrighteous thoughts and unrighteous actions.

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