The Affective Domain


Dean Gotcher

"The affective domain [the child's feelings, i.e. his urges and impulses of the 'moment, 'liberated' from the father's/Father's authority, i.e. "human nature" 'liberated' from parental/Godly restraint—both systems (the earthly father's and the Heavenly Father's) being the same, i.e. "above-below," "top-down," "right-wrong," i.e. Patriarchal in Paradigm] is, in retrospect, a virtual 'Pandora's Box [the father's/Father's authority is the lid to "Pandora's Box," a box, i.e. the child's/man's heart full of evil, which, once opened, i.e. once 'liberated' from the father's/Father's authority, can not be closed].'"   "It is in this 'box' that the most influential controls are to be found [it is the easiest way to seduce, deceive, and manipulate people, i.e. to make them slaves, i.e. "human resource" of those who desire to rule the world].  The affective domain [the child's carnal desires of the 'moment,' i.e. to have the gratifying things of the world, i.e. the child's "lust" for pleasure, and his resentment (hate) toward the father's/Father's authority when it prevents him from attaining it] contains the forces that determine the nature of an individual's life and ultimately the life of an entire people [a people who love only the pleasures of the world, who, hating the father/Father and his/His authority, negate (kill) any who honor and submit to it, i.e. who stand in their way of 'change,' "progress," etc., i.e. of augmenting pleasure]." (Taxonomy of Educational Objective Book 2: Affective Domain)  Rejecting the father's/Father's authority, rejecting the past and the future, rejecting the consequences of doing wrong (which is established by the father/Father), all children become as animals, 'living' in the 'moment,' i.e. 'living' for the pleasures of the 'moment, i.e. subject to the stimulus-response of the immediate or imagined environment, i.e. controlled by the seduction, deception, and the manipulation of facilitators of 'change,' doing unconscionable (unrighteous and abominable) things instead.

"A democratic society repudiates the principle of external authority [negates parental, i.e. the father's/Father's authority]."  "In fact self and interest are the same fact [focuses us upon nature only, i.e. upon the world only]; the kind and amount of interest actively taken in a thing reveals and measures the quality of selfhood [humanism-environmentalism-socialism-globalism] which exits."  (John Dewey, Democracy and Education)  "Self-actualizing people have to a large extent transcended the values of their culture [have been 'liberated' from parental authority]. They are not so much merely Americans as they are world citizens [subject to man's carnal nature and the world only], members of the human species [globalists] first and foremost." (Abraham Maslow, The Further Reaches of Human Nature)

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