TQM vocabulary used at the Tianjin 2010 - Shaping the Future conference held in China.  (Sources not noted)

    "shaping the future," "innovation," "principles," "values," technologies," "ideas," "impactful," "technology pioneers," "transformational technology," "innovative technology," "community," "significantly disrupting the way business and society operate," "visionary leadership,"  "long standing market leader," "innovative startups,"  "critical impact on the future of business and society,"
    1)  "innovation takes on new meaning because everything moves more faster," "new method of communication," "more at stake," "technologies are easier to copy,"  "social network takes usage base," "influence many people and spreads very quickly," "micro innovation," "stem from question China is not that innovative, everything was copied from the US," "how long can that be sustained," "most innovations are micro-innovations,"  "built very quickly, that is market targeted," "you know who your users are,"  "you get it out there,"  "you don't know all the answers to all the questions," "use the internet as an exploratory, experimental platform,"  "learn your users, learn what they want, get it out there quickly, and keep building on top of that," "gain critical mass,"  "internet allows you to quickly get user feedback at little or no cost,"  "open source, clout platforms, electronic stores, i.e. micro-innovation,"  "they build value over time," "integrate the ideas other people have had," "react quickly and solve peoples problems," "innovation is the creation of business and user value not just technology,"  "integration, interactive process, business model,"  "out of box thinking that stems from the education (USA)," "for China to get to the US level it needs to re-invent its education system."
    2)  "Idea labs," "blinding flash of the obvious," "use words under songs on TV being sung by children,"  "ideas ready for show time,"  "whiteboard meetings, half technical, the other halt dealing with social, political, cultural obstacles," "we are all a part of the failure of imagination," "stuck in 19th century reduction physics," "Darwin's natural selection of competition,"  "Darwin: nature, at every level, is highly reliant upon corporation,"  "elements in collaboration," "agencies thwart the diffusion of ideas," "agents in our current system, regulators, governments, businesses, unions are not in cooperation with each other but are in opposition to each other," "London as a financial center,"  "our Congress and its legislation which almost willfully ignores its ... need to do something (political expediency)," "I think we need to get out of the way these agents tend to solve our problems, go after their agenda in a manor that is counter to the collaborative way in which the best of nature really works," 
    3) "we live in an era of institutional and societal transformation," "'tectonic shift,' collapse of Berlin wall,  collapse of partite in Africa, the rise of Asia as the new center of gravity and world economy, new one relates with the transformation of business, civil society, and government," "the phrase 'We collectively produce results that nobody wants,' can be applied to almost all larger systems,"  "health, education, sustainability, poverty,"  "unintended side effects of how we organize society today that we collectively enact, yet no one individual wants these results," "Its government failure, we need more market," "Its market failure we need more government and regulation,"  "Its a system failure, we need more multistate dialogue," "three government mechanisms, coordinate mechanisms are necessary but no necessary sufficient,"  "birth of a fourth coordination mechanism, its not market, its not regulation, is not multistate debates or dialogues, but it is awareness based collective action,"  "you pull together the key players, the key actors in a system and move them through a process of sense making, walking in each others shoes, coming up with a shared understanding of the issues, brainstorming new possibilities, and then explore them by doing,"  "an intentional process,"  "collective creativity which allows us to innovate at the scale of the whole system rather than small pockets,"  "process which aims at systemic innovation," "the most important leadership skill in education, health, business, from the leadership point of view it is always the same,"  "how do you move all these actors through such a collectively innovation process,"  "collective leadership skill," "gap to produce the collective leadership capacity," "close all business schools, reinvent them by turning them into tri-leadership sector schools that move the space of learning out of the classroom and into society and provide them with social technologies to move these larger systems though these innovation processes and put younger people into the drivers seat of change,"  "great results are driven by a system, driven by the quality of relationships, quality of relationships is driven by the quality of awareness of these actors,"  "all start with ego awareness, my personal interest, walk them through a journey of walking in each others shoes and extending the larger system so that the whole group begins to operate from an ecosystem awareness," (0 -- ego system to ecosystem)
   video:  "identify a problem that exists and comes up with a solution which disrupts the status quo,"  "an innovator enjoys helping the world change the way things are done," 
    4)  "an idea on the idea of principles,"  "how are you going to scale your values," "we are new champions in a new world," "a way of life crisis, our patterns of behavior, our patterns of leadership, has been disrupted this time more than others, and we have a chose to go looking for a new bulwark, so that is going to simultaneously keep our feet on the ground and guide us, bulwark and simultaneous propellant," "in this interconnected world behavior matters in a way it never has before,"  "we have become interconnected by morally independent,"  "one person can harm another person on another part of the world," "situational relationship must be replaced with sustainable relationship (paraphrased) grounded in sustainable values, human values, truth, thrust, transparency, honesty,"  "instead of human innovation how about innovation in humanity, how do we find new ways to collaborate, to come together and have relationships,"   "the behaviors we want in the world today, resilience, agility, disruptive innovation, those are the killer apps of the twenty-first century, but we have a nineteenth century system where we govern people with carats and sticks and rules and policies and for some reason the limitation of that system is not able to launch those new human apps which we so desperately need,"  "so the recipe, if you believe we need and innovation and humanity, that we are going to create a new human operating system after in fact we have systemized every facit of business, ERP, HIS, TQM, 6Sigma, every aspect of organizational life has been subjected to systemization except for how we get worked together, how we get work done around this place, in other words, our culture,"  "now an ancient philosopher, Heraclitus,  said, character is destiny, and a connected world organization has a character, their culture, and instead of letting the culture just simply happen organically, by setting the tone and seeing what happens we can get deliberate, systematic, and rigorous about culture the way we have about everything else."  "If you take seriously the idea that culture is not something that just happens you can do it the way Kaharse is trying to do it, (you can build sustainable culture) You can build sustainable culture if you put at its root, sustainable values, and you insist through your example and through who you are hiring, that every single leader in the company is an inspirational leader because they are inspiring people by relating to them and forming relationships rooted in sustainable values."
    0)  Sustainable is not just an environmental concept it is also a financial one."  "New champions.  top ten performers, systematized performers, top ten ethical leaders who are grounded in values, second and first should be principled performance, conscious deliberate answers and making it a part of the DNA."

Today's china school is memorization which get you into top school.  are diligent, hard working, and solid, there lacks innovation.  Deeply rooted in education, what is they know, why the do not,  Remove China education with American education.  Highest grade makes you mayor, etc.  Incremental way to layer in American system.  Replace memorization with Why.  You start small in little things.  Invite mothers to evaluate age, (only a few came) graded by sex, weight,  graded then poor, very poor, very very poor,  now community in control over familiesCreate social consciousness not bound to .... only solved with system solutions for systemic responsethe quality of relationships is at the core of a system solution.  the next revolution needs to be a business revolution. institutional revolution, to connect the people.  need a collective leadership capacity that deals with transforming relationships, establish a deeper level of human relationships.  listing, suspending judgment, open heart, see from the view of all the other stakeholders. let go of the self and create a we in the inner journey.  Obama: over come the problem by building collective collaboration, embodiment of the system, what is necessary is, attacking problems in the old style not moving into the real ecosystems, you connect the practitioners through the innovation of the whole system.  listening, learn, and sign of respect, you can say things to them later they would not take from any one else.  transactional, transformative, the quality of how you listen is creating the pathway of what the person isI attend this way therefore it emerges that way.  this has to do with the quality we pay attention.  meditation is about paying attention, that is what leadership is about, all leadership transforming the way we pay attention, leaders transform fields of collective attention, we create the underground for creative innovation to happen. reconnecting transforms the culture results in collaboration produces a better product. Room for changing language in china, characters force memorization, and compact.  Root of rote language, changing language will not change the culture, been to long.  globalization is in deadlock, dialogue is in deadlock.  How we use the internet will matter, need for collaboration.
    "how do faith and religion fit into:  sustainability, translate our values into corporate values, leadership behaviors, institutional practices, and there is tremendous room for cultural diversity (makes faith a social element), at the core human values bind us a human beings and I find them to be universal, respect, trust, honesty allow humans to form relationships wherever they are,  in terms of specifically dealing with faith I would use the word 'meaning,' I think every single human being wants meaning, purpose, and I think if we are in the era of behavior we are also in the era of inspirationIt is one thing to use carrots and sticks to extract performance out of people,  but to get the innovation and the type of journey and openness that we want in people we need to inspire it in them and inspiration is about meaning, its about hope, its about giving people a mission and a vision, that they think is worthy of who they are, they are going beyond success to something of significance in their life and their willing to receive success as a byproduct of doing something significant, so I can not comment of faith, for some it plays a role for others it does not but a think meaning and a search for meaning is universal and I think we have entered an era that to have these deep relationships we need to infuse them with a sense of purpose and meaning, and leaders that is part of their job today is to"
   learning by doing... let the children themselves be involved in their education to move away from rote learning, "understand why first education." 
   not technical problems but at the heart they are adaptive, imbedded in a complex social system, they require behavior change, and they are rife with 'unintended consequences.'  You start with the community, you start with what works, you start with small experiments, (my complaint with the Obama administration), Instead of wholesale reform of Health Care System you would start with Federal funds a lot of experiments to discover concepts and measure it well to,,, those experiments alter the view of the communities view of what is possible and gets at the behavior and social underpinning that these things have to tackle
    how we ought to be thinking about the future and building our adventures.   A dance with a gorilla.  small company captured by larger company helping small company grow its product with the product going then no where. that is the time to be stubborn, walking away from some revenue so that five years latter you have built a platform in society that you can celebrate.
Act your way into a new way of thinking instead of think you way into a new way of acting. get on the court and enact your new reality you start to change the thought process, it is much harder to work through reason down to behavior than it is to get behavior to inform reason.