Pastor John Coleman 

Excerpt of The Evil Within.
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          Historically, the African American Church has been a place where people could go in order to escape the misfortunes of a difficult life.  The safest place in the black community was the church, strong in its traditions, in the absoluteness of its leaders, in the stability of its members that influenced the community in which one was raised. (Pg. 1)

This essay will look at the past as well as the present, and then peer into a future that has a church hiding underground for fear of being transitioned into a cold, unfaithful group of people who love to party as opposed to the piety of Christian demeanor. (Pg. 2)

The purpose of this essay is not to alarm the reader.  Its intention is to inform you of the alarming decline of biblical Christianity that has taken place all over this beloved United States of America. (Pg. 5)

If God's people do not know scripture for themselves, they are likely to follow almost anything.  The Church has been dumbed down for at least the past fifteen years.  (Pg. 12)

I would pray that as you continue fighting the very good fight, you will realize that there are certain persons that have crept into God's flock for the purpose of destruction of the very body of Christ. (Pg. 15) 

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