I did not want to respond to this and have restrained myself for several years (for almost twenty years*) because I did not want it to become a distraction from the message which the Lord has laid upon my heart and sent me out to share (the distraction being, giving attention to the foolish).  But because I have been accused of things which are not true (falsely accused by Barbara Aho and Bob Johnson of being a member of and/or supporting institutions and organizations such as the illuminati and the UN, which is ludicrous), I need to respond.   Some say their accusations have legitimized me, as Jesus was falsely accused by those who sought to draw men after themselves.  Anyway I have now become aware of the confusion, harm, and anguish such false accusations, i.e., lies bring upon people who are seeking after the truth, turning some away from hearing the truth. The Apostle Paul wrote about those doing such things to him, turning them over to the Lord for judgment, with the Lord "rewarding them according to their works." (2 Timothy 4:14)

First of all, anybody who knows me or have truly studied and understand what I write and speak about, in other words have done their homework, knows that these accusations are defamatory.  For your information: it seems a member of the illuminati attended a conference I was invited to speak at (those who attended the conference were there by invitation only).  The host of the conference naively allowed him to attend the meeting because he said he was interested in the subject matter being covered.  Aho accuses all speakers at the conference (including me) of being members of the illuminati (pro UN, etc.) because of this man's "presence" at the conference (I don't remember meeting him or even seeing him—I don't even know who he is and had nothing to do with who attended the meeting, I was simply invited to speak).  My question is.  If your enemy attends a conference you are speaking at (without your knowledge—I would not have attended the meeting if I had known he was going to be present), does that make you and everyone else , including Barbara Aho who attended the meeting, his "fellow agent?"  This is how people were treated in the soviet union, with false accusations and innuendos, their accusers doing so in order to make a name for themselves, supposedly protecting "the people."  While  Barbra does a good job exposing this man's history and his agenda on her website, to label those who were in the room with him as being his comrade is 'illogical.'

Bob has a website dedicated to slandering me (he does not identifying who he is on the website).  I have personally rebuked him three times.  The first time we met (at a meeting I spoke at in L.A.) he accused me of being a "Jew lover."   When I told him Jesus loves Jews he became belligerent and had to be escorted out of the meeting by the host.  At two meetings he came up afterwards and accused me of being a member of the illuminati because I personally knew (having spoken in the home of) Berit Kjos (author of Brave New Schools, having a website:, who went to Stanford, and I knew and had spoken to fellowships pastored by James Borchert (a minister in the Fort Worth/Dallas area, who preaches and teaches the gospel message in Asia, Africa, and Europe as well, who led his mother to the Lord {who tried to abort him four times before he was born} as well as father, encouraging his father {successfully} to cut off all his ties to the masons and destroy all his masonic memorabilia), who went to Yale, which makes them both (and therefore me, according to Bob, because I know them) members of the illuminati, pro-UN, etc.  As they would say in the old days, regarding people with this kind of 'logic,' "someone has a burr in their saddle."

Aho and Johnson continue to bear false witness against me, which the Word of God makes clear is evil (it is one of the Ten Commandments).  An apology would be in order but I don't expect one.  There is no way to respond to such false accusations without sounding argumentative.  Without a heart of repentance before God, seeking forgiveness for bearing false witness, all that can be expected from them is a heart of vindictiveness, which feeds on itself, vindicating themselves in being noticed, puffed up in their pride, 'justifying' their false accusations because they have become "somebody important" by them, fearful of looking at (knowing) the truth because they would have to repent and ask for forgiveness.  I am not the only one, there are several other people they have slandered as well.

I do want to hear from you.  If you are concerned about setting up a meeting or attending a meeting I would like the chance to alleviate your concerns. I  really don't want to get dragged down into a discussion regarding these accusations, i.e. I will not respond to any argument (confusion/strife) engendering questions but will respond to anyone who is sincere and honest, i.e. who is seeking to know the truth (as the truth is the Lord)"and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ."  1 John 3:1 

In Christ Jesus,

Dean Gotcher